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Late Saturday night I turned on VH1 and caught the final two hours or so of the concert for NYC. The musical portions were good, thought not great. Paul McCartney whipped out a new, crappy tune for the event and the whole show wrapped with one of those awkward all-star jams. But what was moving about the show was the reading of names of firemen and police officers who had lost their lives in the attack. This simple act helped wash away irritating attempts at levity by the likes of Jim Carey, who was upstaged by a few policemen who merely stood behind him mutely. This morning they’re saying they raised $14 million for the effort and I’m happy it was done, I just wish it had been worth watching. If you hadn’t known the names and songs, you wouldn’t have been impressed with the performances.
Then again, I wish there wasn't a need for this show in the first place.

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