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Saturday we did ourselves up for our first night of Halloween hilarity. Your editor was done up as a redneck zombie complete with gaping head wound, worms squirming out of the injury as well as an ear and other places, dead pan face, rotting teeth, etc. Degenerate SW went as the weeping widow in her funeral black warmup suit and swollen pregnant belly, her belly button popping out as if she was due any minute. We both looked perfect. Apparently too perfect as the sight of SW drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette tended to clear out whatever room we were in at the various parties we attended, and few at the Star Bar recognized me when we arrived there late in the evening. But that only made it that much more fun.
We started at degenerate MK’s party in Decatur where everyone was in costume but they’d been sucked into the TV. After a while the whole party stepped out into the freezing night to head around the corner to a larger gathering where almost everyone was in costume and the music thumped. The joint was packed wall to wall and we spotted a few fun costumes but almost nobody with the gritty reality or imaginative creativity of those in our party. So after a couple of jello shooters we headed back to MK’s for more idle chatter until those who’d started partying too early started packing up. So we headed down to L5P and the Star Bar just as
Amy Pike stepped up on stage, belting out her wonderful rootsy country stuff with that super strong, clear voice. The band was all in overalls and hillbilly attire for the affair so we fit right in.

Degenerate LW sent us this:
well, i was trying to sell this on ebay but they ended all wtc-related auctions and sent me this long email explaining why. personally, i think that it's silly to not allow the sale of an osama voodoo doll...i mean, it's not like it's glorifying him! but anyway, i need exposure for these little babies. i like capitalism and if the terrorists were trying to hurt capitalism, this gal here is going to do her best to stop them!
or more ramblings of the unemployed
“It’s a bad time to be looking for a job.”
From CNN
Yeah, no shit. I could’a told you that, maybe you need to give me your job. “Financial Analyst” my ass.
They went on to tell me maybe I should consider going back to school to beef up my resume. If I could afford more education I probably wouldn’t be worried about getting a job. Besides, if it weren’t for my current student loans I could probably survive off unemployment alone for a while.
“Or learn Spanish. 25% of the work force is of Hispanic origin.”
From CNN
Yeah, and unless they work in a Mexican restaurant they speak English, dumbass. And I swore I’d never work food service again. Even if I hadn’t, I doubt they’d be willing to pay me more than they’re paying their immigrant work force under the table. Besides, if I learn to speak Spanish you can bet I ain’t sticking around here!

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