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BACK IN SLACK (in more ways than one)
We're back from Italy! The trip was very good, saw lots of amazing things, ate tons of incredible food, drank gallons of delicious vino, and pounded our feet into pulp. The jetlag had us wiped out, thus the lateness of your mid-week broadcast and lack of detailed report. But things should be running as smoothly as ever until we skip town again. We have a TON of things to update on the web site and it looks like we've got a bit of spare time since your editor was laid off the first day back at his real job. So hopefully those long-delayed music reviews, photos, and sundry other web updates will get taken care of before he is thrust back into the corporate world, or starves to death.
Speaking of starvation, happy birthday 2 days late, Mahatma Ghandi!

Degenerate LS sent us this review:
Friday Patrick and I went to see Crystal Method at a new venue, Dekalb Atlanta Center, at the Fiesta Plaza on Buford Highway. Wow! Uberzone opened and they were awesome. The guy playing electric drums was really tearing it up. A DJ from England was up next and he was really good but I had to go to the lobby and sit down for a bit so I didn't witness his whole act. Finally Crystal Method got going and after some initial tech problems they really got it going on. They played a lot my old favorites as well as a lot of stuff from their new CD. It was impossible to stand still and they had the whole crowd dancing. All in all it was a great show. The venue's sound system was top notch. When attending any show at this venue wear comfy shoes, there are no tables and chairs, just one window seat in the lobby.

Let's assume your editor gets a job somewhere between now and then and can afford to host a party, would you attend November 3, Saturday, a Halloween party. As usual, this would be a costume event with some vague theme, and, as always, seriously kick ass.

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