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Well, the bombs have started falling. I was telling someone just the other day that I was impressed they’d taken this long and were being as cautious as they were in this difficult situation. But now we have the familiar green videos of nighttime attacks and talking heads murmuring numbers and troop movement details. It is reassuring to know that if there’s a problem anywhere on the earth we can go drop a bomb on it, isn’t it?
Isn’t it?
If you pray, please send one out for those who will be labeled “collateral damage” in this conflict, for they are just as innocent as the folks who showed up for work in NYC and DC on 9/11.

Due to the job situation, or lack thereof, we worked with a limited weekend entertainment budget and skipped all the shows in favor of getting the Italy report together. See below for that report.

We had a couple of votes in favor of throwing a party November 3, Saturday, but I’d like some more encouragement – anyone interested?
My current theme idea is somewhat of a “no theme” idea, i.e. “chaos” – seems timely. If we have said party, it’ll be a costume affair where you are required to bring someone new (this rule has generated the best parties yet) and somewhat of a BYOB affair due to the aforementioned budgetary constraints, though we’re likely to mix up a mess of something cheap and have a case or three of PBR for those that show up empty handed. Quality music and other sensory stimulus will be abundant. Need feedback NOW so we can gear up the propaganda machine!

A better version of this will be on the web page soon, but for now here’s the first installment. Check out

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