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We don't often bother with news of successful, signed, slop 40 acts but this tidbit is just too funny:
Thanks to degenerate SR for that one!
In other news, we got this from degenerate JC in response to last episode:
by the by, i DO own a soulcracker t-shirt. it was given to me by beastie when they played dottie's. i certainly wouldn't pay for one either. i will be wearing it tomorrow nite at the earl just to bust the collective balls of harlow. the real reason to attend this show, however, is born to please & drill team (former tweezer). i wouldn't pay a cover just to see those vh1 bitches, but the other bands ROCK.

November 15, Thursday
Victoria Secret's fashion show on ABC at 9. I supposed after the success of various cable specials and their web broadcast this was inevitable.
Meanwhile, in other news, the new season of Junkyard Wars is about to wrap. This Wednesday is the finals on TLC at 9, if I remember right.
The new Tick live action show is on Fox and it isn’t bad. I was expecting it to suck royally but it only sucks a little, which is more than I can say for any bogus “reality” show.
But Samurai Jack is still the best new thing on TV! Catch it Monday nights on Cartoon Network, and randomly other nights.

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