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Saturday we hit the Star Bar at what we assumed was a reasonable hour but forgot there were four bands on the lineup for the GSU Cinefest benefit, not to mention some home grown films during the breaks, so we missed the first two acts. But minutes later Bitch took the stage. For the movie-themed occasion, the members were all dressed as random celebrities. There was a fantastic Joey Ramone, a mildly disturbing Ted Nugent, Billy Jack, and The Skipper and Gilligan (who actually looked much more like Jay, as in Jay and Silent Bob.)
Sometimes when you've gotten hooked on something new and different and odd you forgot just how good that old time rock and roll was, but Bitch bring it on home to you. All classic rock covers, mostly of the "hard" genre, from AC/DC to Skynrd to Motorhead to some of the harder hits from the likes of Bowie and the Stones. It's all served straight up with a big, happy smile. The crowd pumped their fists and occasionally broke out into a minor mosh pit. Fantastic.
Between acts we retreated downstairs where we met a cute couple who'd never seen Greasepaint before. They asked what it was like, "It looks like fun, everyone in costumes..."
"Well, if you're scared of clowns this show isn't for you. And if you weren't scared of clowns before you might be after" was all I could think to say.
We followed them upstairs and the clowns took the stage, as foul-mouthed and disturbing as ever but cranking out some killer new tunes. They've diversified the sound a bit, adding a theremin and some songs that don't sound quite so much like 60's go-go music. Half an hour into the set I looked back at the couple I'd talked to and saw them just standing there paralyzed. I didn't bother to ask what they thought, it's either a love it or hate it kind of show and with SW shaking her thang in front of me it was obvious what we thought - another great show, and (thankfully) definitely not for children of all ages!
You can check out the new Greasepaint web site at

Thus far we've gotten a vote for maybe doing New Year's Even in Las Vegas. That may be out of Degenerate Press' budget at this time, even with the cheap airfare and hotel rates.
We got another vote for Michelle Malone at Eddie's Attic. As much as I enjoy Michelle, Eddie's doesn't match our traditional requirements for New Year's gatherings. A little too sedate.
Any other ideas?

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