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Photos of last weekend's Halloween madness are online, and boy are they funny:

Last night we arrived at the Clermont Lounge just in time to snag the last table at the back, next to someone done up as Richard Petty with a bevy of 70's babes. Soon the joint was packed, including several DP staff members/subscribers as the opening act, Cadillac Jones, took the stage. I love funk, but unfortunately it often degenerates into noodly jazz. Cadillac Jones walk the line between the two, sometimes getting stuck in a groove rock mode that gets a bit tiresome after a bit, but they made a good opening act. Perfect background music for people watching and some of the costumes at the Clermont were great (my particular faves being the JFK and his date Marilyn Monroe.)
After a long break due to technical troubles, Hot August Knights took the stage with the Neil Diamond impersonator in his usual sequins but the backup band all done up like Kiss. Visually it was a surreal combo, but then again just about everything you look at in Clermont Lounge is surreal. But the best was the killer Kiss intros before every song, transitioning into a classic Diamond song. Some of the transitions worked better than others but even on the jagged leaps like "I wanna rock and roll all night and they're coming to America" you couldn't help but laugh with joy. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time just for the sheer balls and imagination! We got a few good pics of them, ourselves and random folk at the event:
Anyone get to the Star Bar or Echo Lounge or other worthy event? Send us a report!

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