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We don't get out for live music during the week often due to full time job life, but The Immortal Lee County Killers II can drag me out just about any night, even to Smith's Olde Bar. Besides, Wednesday is a half day for SW and I'm unemployed.
We arrived early. I couldn't remember if Smith's is one of those weird places that actually starts a show at the posted show time. (For future reference, it's not. That's Variety Playhouse (usually) and Dark Horse Tavern.) So we chatted it up with Chet, who I failed to recognize initially because he's looking so svelte these days. "Yeah, I'm on that diet plan known as exercise!" he beamed.
That makes one of us anyway.
Soon the real workout began. The curtains opened and Chet cranked up the big guitar racket that got everyone in the crowd grinning. I was relieved to see that despite what the Loafing says they have not become a "power trio." They make plenty of sound with just the two of them. The new drummer has a different style than the previous incarnation of ILCK, but you don't notice it as much during the tunes as you do between when he leaps up onto his stool and rants like a sideshow barker or wrestler about their entertainment value or penis size. It's entertaining, but a mere distraction compared to the noise that erupts when he sits his ass down and they crank into the next tune of rolling guitar thunder and gunshot drums. The only disappointment came when the show ended, too soon.
We didn't stick around for Nebula, the headliner, due to the working life.
Chet says ILCK is doing another tour in December then headed back to the studio in January or so, possibly for a recording of live stuff. They're in Birmingham tonight for you 'bama degenerates, and Austin on Saturday for you Texans. Catch 'em while you can.

More ideas for New Year's Eve:
As mentioned, Las Vegas was suggested. I just got notice that airfare from Atlanta is $168 and some of the big name hotels are going for $60 - $70/night so anyone considering this should start planning now. Unfortunately it may be outside of our budgetary limits but we'll have to wait and see.
Degenerate TJ offered his place as a location for a party but I fear it's a bit too far up in them thar hills to get a crowd together, and a bit too small to fit one in the door should one show up. He's moving to Montana soon (I don't know if he's gonna be a dental floss tycoon) so hopefully he'll have some sort of going away party before he disappears again.
degenerate DM said:
hey why not do the clermont lounge for new years? it always makes whatever date you are with see,m that much more special :)
Editor's response:
Due to the loss of our traditional New Year's Eve venue, we're being forced to consider new options. And if we're gonna do something new and different I want it to be new and different. I do love the Clermont but we spent New Years Y2K there. The same goes for The EARL'show, Rock*A*Teens and The Woggles. An excellent show, but not something you'll only do once this year.
degenerate VS said:
Hmmm, how about the North Mississippi All Stars at the Variety on 12/31? If you haven't seen this band before, you're in for a treat. Besides, for $25 (plus another $30 for beer, ha ha) you can't go wrong, huh?
Editor's response:
Yeah, we've gotten a maybe vote for that already but I don't believe in paying that kind of money for a live show, The Variety's beer and drink prices are high, and that just ain't enough weirdness or explosive activity for our strict New Year's requirements.
degenerate JH votes:
Road Trip: New Orleans. The shows I know about are The Iguanas at the Rock
and Bowl, Rebirth Brass Band with George Porter, Jr. at Tip's, and Col Bruce
at the Maple Leaf. Regardless, there is bound to plenty of partying til the
break of dawn. Lea has off Monday, so I might take a vacation day and we'll
make a weekend out of it. Major drawbacks: costs; Sugar Bowl is the next day
so have to contend with frat boys and it might be hard to get a room.
Editor's response:
New Orleans was a consideration, but now that you note the Sugar Bowl in town and the massive numbers of morons that will be packing the place, not to mention the difficulty of finding a hotel room, I ain't so keen on the idea.
One of my personal favorite ideas came from degenerate DD:
I say we rent out "The Gobbler" and get the Chowder Shouters to play a
reunion show.
Editor's response:
Brilliant! Unfortunately I don't want to head to Wisconsin in the middle of winter for any reason, all other tactical issues aside...
Degenerate SW suggested Graceland and Memphis, not a bad idea. I ain't never been and the sheer tackiness of an Elvis New Year's is tempting.
And I got this note from Billy Rat:
The band formerly known as truckadelic will pull the old heap off
the cinderblocks for a one nite reunion on new years eve at the star bar. opening will be chickens and pigs.
Editor's response:
Well goddamn, that's tempting, especially since they scheduled their "final" show the same date as our Summertime Blast so we had to miss the big Truckadelic blowout. And knowing that some Truckadelic members have moved out of town, had kids, gotten married, etc. the likelihood of another Truckadelic reunion gets slimmer every day.
I hate not being able to be two places at once...
Digging thought the paper, there are some shitty options:
Dave Matthews Cover Band at Earthlink Live. Gag me with a mandolin.
Living Color at The Roxy. Just what year do you think is about to roll over??
Widespread Panic at Phillips Arena - it sounds like the headline after a terrorist attack, but terrorists aren't this boring.
So I guess the moral of the story is we're still weighing our options. If you want to cast your vote for any of the above, or have something else in mind, let us know!! The more the merrier.

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