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A nasty cold kept the DP staff sequestered in the HQ for most of the holiday weekend so we missed all the great music around town. Anyone see anything good? Bad? Indifferent? Send us a report!
Jon Byrd, of Greta Lee Band and other country-fried efforts around town moved to Nashville a while back and sent us this report:
What can I say. Nashville is exactly what I was hoping it would be. Small-town like Alabama, 'Dream'-crazy like Hollywood, old and nouveau $$ like ATL, and lots and lots of musicians. I won't name-drop (Pete Anderson!) but I've met a few (Pete Anderson!) musicians that I've looked up to (Pete Anderson!) a long time (Pete Anderson!). There are so many good pickers here (duh!) and singers (duh!) and songwriters... wait just a damn a minute. One thing I have learned is that the songwriting in this town is so bad that even *I* might end up getting rich! Anyway, every Tuesday I help my new friend Slade Cochran stage manage (I lug amps, etc.) the Western Beat radio show. I just played Bluebird show with Greta where the other so-called songwriters sang about Monopoly and Icharus. (See I told you it was bad.) BTW, Greta and I have really enjoyed trying to figure out the whole Nashville thing. There are a million un-written rules and nuances and of course, I'm a smartass-bull in a china shop. (You couldn't keep from laughing out loud either if you heard some of this stuff!) Anyway, we've just lined up 2 Thursdays in Dec. at the Bluegrass Inn down on Lower Broadway across from Ernest Tubb Record Shop and next to Robert's Western Wear. We've got 2 dates with the Derailers and we're playing in ATL Dec.15th. Music is GOOD. Oh, yea, the Americana Music Conf. was a bust for me. I volunteered for 2 evenings (8-10hours each night) and they still wanted me to pay $75 bucks to sit in on the air-your-grievances Town Hall Meeting. Ugh.

The New Years discussion continues with this from degenerate DM:
If you are considering spending money for vegas - you might want to think about cruise lines that are offering cheap prices. I haven't checked it out, yet, but I know some folks that are going After and before new years - and it looks to be cheap then too. Let me know whatever you guys decide - though vegas seems cool.
And this from degenerate BS:
Since I have a large group of friends (26) already going, why not Amsterdam
for New Years? Lots of "interesting" things to eat and/or ingest, and all
legal (there at least!)
And one from degenerate ES:
I've been racking my brain, even considered hosting it myself (after 3 glasses of wine)...
But if you're really counting votes on what has been suggested, Widespread Panic gets my vote.
Editor's response:
Hmmm. I'd love to do Amsterdam but the aforementioned budgetary constraints prevent such extravagances. As for Widespread Panic, I don't consider a large venue concert to be much of a party, particularly for a groove/jam rock act. Vegas wouldn't be as large an expenditure for us since we'll be in Texas for Consumass anyhow and could catch a flight from there but thus far one half-hearted vote for it isn't very encouraging. We've heard a few rumors of house parties but haven't gotten official invites from any.
Any more votes or ideas?

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