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You did see the mention that we were having a party last Saturday, right? Or are you one of those folks that said you were definitely coming and still didn't manage to make it? What the hell? Maybe it was having Halloween mid-week, or maybe it reflects on the nation's morale, or maybe everyone just thinks I'm an asshole, but for whatever reason the party turnout was small by our high standards. I've had parties with smaller turnouts, but not in 10 years and not when we'd put so much work into propaganda, not to mention housecleaning, a terrifying soundtrack, and tasty food and beverages. Sheesh! I will say that almost all the folks that voted to have the party back when I took a poll early October were kind enough to show, and even bring food and beverages (thanks!) but the rest of you won't have to worry about being pestered to attend one of my parties for a while.
But those that did make it made it worthwhile. Congratulations to degenerate JH on winning top prize in the costume contest as Spongebob Squarepants - brilliant costume. And degenerate DC as "man being eaten by a shark" was timely and disturbing. Thanks again to all who attended!
Pictures of the event are online at

Here's some reports from other Halloween events around town:
Went back to the Star Bar last night for the S.C.O.T.S. show. Mighty crowded
with A LOT of what must be new fans from O.T.P. ( but, as expected, many
regulars as well ). The band was great as usual. I think they're far better
suited for a smaller, sweatier and smokier joint like the Star Bar than some
of the bigger venues they've graduated to. Saw 'em at the Variety Playhouse
a couple of years back and they just seem disconnected from the audience.
Last night they were dressed up appropriately. Rick as Dead Hank Williams,
Mary as a Dead Post-Crash Patsy Cline, Dave as not-dead Axel Rose and the
newer guy that plays keyboards as Boss Hogg.
Degenerate JM

Sue Stimulant's house party was this past Sunday. Kudos to Chef Steve for a
Killer spread of fajita fixin's. Enough food was eaten that static was heard
pertaining to slow keg consumption. I actually remember all of this party.
I'm so proud.
STB opened around 5:30. I used to peg her as an eclectic/electric/folkie, but
she finally "got it"...she rocks. Going to her CD release with Gentle Readers
at the Echo tonight/Friday 2nd.
Crybaby and Salome's Wish followed. 2 stunning vocalists (one supersweet
hostess) backed by excellent players.
The special guests were left coasters Last Dance. Lots of keyboards, but very
U2'ish. Didn't really grab me. I had planned on getting a second listen last
night at the Masquerade (yuck) supporting the Salome's Wish CD release.
Degenerate SK

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