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Thursday we hit Smith's Olde Bar early enough to get decent, if overpriced, beers downstairs and shoot a few rounds of pool before heading up to get a seat on the floor right up against the stage for Asylum Street Spankers. The stage was bare, no monitors, no mikes, as the Spankers came on. The lead male singer told the audience to keep it down since "we play music the way God intended, without microphones or amplification." They started into a mix of fun Dixieland and old Jazz tunes with banjo, clarinet, a couple of acoustic guitars, an occasional washboard, simple snare drum and standup bass. The songs ranged from fun, bluesy tunes to dirty novelty songs to odd versions of Christmas classics like The Grinch. In general, a fun show but the yuppie bastards in Smith's apparently thought it was dinner theater as they chatted noisily throughout the show regardless of the musicians' pleas for silence. The novelty of unamplified music was interesting, but I'd rather they gave up the idea and cranked it up where you could hear it from further than two feet away. At least they have a stack of CD's you can play at whatever volume you chose.

Degenerate PK sent us this:
I went to the Nillah show last Friday at the Library on Marietta St. The
soundguy was decent. The sound in the place was better than the EARL. The
crowd was not of the usual hipster East Atlanta / Star Bar / L5P Yacht Club
/ Old School Dotties trendsetting set, but it was refreshing to see the OTP
lemmings digging local music and not limiting themselves to 100,000 watt
commercial stations' opinions of "cool" music.
The pool tables are new. The decor is fun. The only issue I have with the
place is the fact that there was an attendant in the Men's Room who kept
calling me "Money." I guess he expected a tip for handing me a hand towel
and mint and "spreading the love of the Lord" as he had a Bible right there
in the bathroom with him. My poor ass had to depend on my fiancée to get me
a $3.00 pitcher of Miller High Life. That's right, only THREE BUCKS a
pitcher... need I say anything else?

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