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It's that time again, my friends. The time when the earth has tilted on its axis and the sun barely peeps out above the horizon before diving back into night and the wind blows cold. The time when everyone I know disappears to their family homes with carloads of retail merchandise. The time when I start writing the wrong year on my checks. The time when various "best of" and "year in review" issues of various publications and broadcasts come from all directions - one more won't hurt, will it?
SW and I are saddling up to head west this weekend and won't return until next year so this is your final Electric Degeneration of 2001 and as such it's that time when I get all sentimental looking back over the past year of degeneration!
We kicked things off with 2001: A Party Oddity for New Year's Eve this year. As usual, at midnight we launched an excessive amount of explosives, followed by drunken debauchery and dancing.
In January we headed to Miami and came back with the usual spicy tales.
On 3/3 your editor turned 33.3 and celebrated with a threesome party. It may have been the best non-live-music event we've organized ever. The place was packed wall to wall with drunken degenerates, thanks in part to the requirement to bring someone new.
Dottie's closed around then, later opening up again as Lenny's. Though the final few months of Dottie's were an all-time low, once the place reopened it regained some of its fans.
April brought the return of Fantasm, a fan-fuckin'-tastic weekend of parties and perversion. Well, at least I had a good time, even if others are geekaphobes. The geek shall inherit the earth, and for a look at what they're gonna do with it head to Fantasm.
At Fantasm we got the first test of our new toy, a digital camera. Since then it has brought a ton of delight to DP staffers.
In May we headed to the Big Easy for Tease-O-Rama and had an absolute ball! Gorgeous costumes, amazing dance numbers, cheap drinks and half naked pretty girls - I can't describe anything closer to heaven without getting too graphic for this publication.
On the other end of the spectrum we hit the Gay Rodeo in June, also a lot of fun.
Somewhere around then we picked up the new degenerate-mobile, a '69 Thunderbird that now sits in our yard collecting dust and oozing fluid awaiting an engine rebuild.
Later in June your editor left his unstable job for what he thought would be a smaller, more stable place to work only to be laid off in the fall. See for my resume.
In July we hosted the annual Degenerate Press Summertime Blast, with The Stimulants, The Helgas, The Bluejays, and Nineteen Forty Five. The barbecue was as good as the music, the beer as plentiful as the explosives, and the aftermath nearly fatal. Fortunately everyone recovered from their injuries and no indictments have yet been filed. Many said that should be the last Blast but your editor is stubborn and insisted there would be more to come. Then degenerate DC put the place up for sale. D'oh! Next year we may hold it indoors and in town, so stay tuned.
In August we declared the Atlanta music scene dead and buried. Nobody showed up for the funeral and our publication is the only one that even bothered with an obit. Sure, we saw some fantastic shows in 2001, but the quantity (if not the quality) has been in steady decline. Let's hope the age of two turntables and a microphone comes to a close before the remaining live music venues do!
Labor Day in Atlanta means Starlight Drive-Invasion, three days of music, corndogs, and corny movies. As always, a fabulous time despite the occasional drizzle.
9/11 - everything changed. Or did it?
Due to the above, our trip to Italy was momentarily delayed. But fortunately we got there and unfortunately got back. We couldn't afford to stay, but we had a blast. for details, if you missed them the first time around.
The day I got back to work I was laid off. Welcome home.
Halloween, our favorite holiday, started off great this year with other people's parties and some killer costumes, but wrapped up with a post-Halloween party at DP HQ for which almost nobody showed. Disappointing but these things happen sometimes.
On a similar note, we tried to assemble a degenerate expedition for New Year's Eve to somewhere new and exciting but nobody wants to play any reindeer games with us so we're off to Mexico to fiesta solo.
Hasta la vista, nina.

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