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i have been written up many times and they have always been great stories
to read...
BUT!!! your description of a dd concert had me captured with the way you
wrote explaining your feelings being there...
it was unreal reading it as it was sent to me on my email from a dd concert
it truly made me feel like salvador dali painting sounds as i am a very big
admirer and collector of his work..... i am glad you like art...
when i create sounds, i am like painting with an emotional roller coaster
of sounds that i manipulate from which ever instrument that i am playing....
i have always felt that musical sounds should flow like the forces of
mother nature....
should be power, destructive force, then soft and gentle as the petals of a
tropical flower....
your dd story was the wildest that i have ever read and i thank you for
that as it made me feel that being able to be touching you like that is
what it is all about and it makes me realize why i am here....
thank you once again.......
dick dale

In other news, we reported a while back that Jim Stacy had taken up the lead singer position in X-Impossibles but then decided he couldn't give it his full attention. Since then the rest of the band has degenerated and may be no more. Various members are considering side projects so stay tuned.
And we got this a while back from degenerate AN but forgot to post it:
I can't give a full review of the Library bar, but
here's what I can say:
I went once last year, to see a friend's band. They
played fine, but the fratboy/sororitygirl crowd kind
of sat around drinking (not that that's a problem...)
till they were done. Then a DJ started spinning
current hip-hop crap, and the crowd went wild. 
Another friend of mine played there once and said his
band wasn't well recieved either. That's all I really

Degenerate DP sent us this:
3 links you should include under the political (IMO):
The Nation On-Line:
The Center for Defense Information: -- Defense analysis by ex-mils who disagree with the M-I-C.
Human Rights Watch:

Degenerate VS sent in his vote:
Regarding New Years, I'm torn between the North Miss All Stars and Truckadelic. Wish I could do both. I might try that, knowing that Truckadelic will probably play until 3:00am or later. I may hit the Star early, get a hand stamp out, head to the Variety for a while and then saunter back over to the Star Bar. Traveling is out for me that weekend because after my Christmas travels, I'm staying put in GA.
In general, we haven't had overwhelming response to ANY proposal. Either everyone already has other plans, none of these plans interest anyone, or everyone is refusing to plan ahead. Unfortunately it's getting down to the wire for DP staffers because we'll be out of town the week leading up to New Year's so we've got to start planning now!
Mexico gets your editor's vote. Here's the details again:
Since SW and I will be in Texas for consumass we may just stick around Austin a few extra days and party hardy in Mexico for New Year's. Rumor has it the border towns are absolutely nutty on ANY day of the year and the idea has all the elements we've come to expect in our traditional New Year's Eve festivals - cheap liquor, strange music, crazed, drunken, poor folks launching extreme amounts of explosives while terrified tourists look on! And for once we're on the tourist side of the fence!! (Besides, we have to prove Ross Perot was write. The only difference is the giant sucking sound will be us at the bar...)
If anyone is interested in this idea let us know. We'd launch the expedition from Austin, head south for the border Dec. 30 or 31, then head back New Year's Day. As always, the more the merrier.

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