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More of the archives are online! Half of '97 is up and there's more coming soon. Eventually I'll have the whole archive converted and uploaded for your flashback surfing nostalgia! Until then, don't be surprised if there are a few kinks in the system...

Degenerate JH sent us this notice:
Thought you and/or your readers might be interested in this. Got an email (don't know how they found me) from Tar Hut Records in Massachusetts that they are going out of business. They have about 10 records available from various rock/whatever artists, including The Ex-Husbands, The Lonesome Brothers, and Angry Johnny and the Killbillies, on sale for $2.99 each. There's also a tribute album to some New England "godfather" of rock that i've never heard of that is $1.99 and will introduce you to lots of kindred-spirit bands from up nawth. You can listen to a few lengthy samples. I picked up 5 CDs for $16.50, including shipping. Certainly bound to be a few nuggets in there. Unfortunately, the first Ex-Husbands' CD that i wanted was sold out. Definitely worth checking out.

After a total of ZERO votes for a possible degenerate gathering sometime in February, I thought a little more and came up with a mildly humorous theme that might get out the vote: On March 3, that's 3/3, it will be the editor's 33 1/3 birthday party. In celebration of the occasion, we're having a threesome party! (Pause while your mind runs amok in the gutter.) That's right, you MUST bring two other folks with you! Yes, one of them can be your significant other, but you can't come alone, and you can't bring just the significant other, and you can't make it a damn double date. Folks showing up in non-multliples of three will be held behind the velvet rope until they can assemble a unit of three. No costume required, no specific soundtrack is planned, but you gotta bring that odd person. Or that odd number of people. Or that odd number of odd people. Anyway, you get the idea. BONUS: bring someone single and we'll get 'em drunk for free! That's right, to console those that spent Valentines alone, we'll wash their depression away with a depressant - alcohol! (If I don't get any votes for this idea in the next 72 hours I may scrap this effort entirely and just wait until the Summertime Blast for the next degenerate gathering!)

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