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I got these two lovely emails from Adam:
>Subject: Bad Review ( Goodies )
Learn how evaluate your own imperfect sad life before U pass judgment on something U know nothing about!!

>Subject: another bad review
The Blacktop Rockets better than the Playboys. You are on F##king crack. I saw these guys because I had to on Sundays at Maquerade and they always were boring as hell!!!!

In response to the first one, I have done considerable introspection on my life, but I don't see how that affects my ability, or inability, to review music. As to my knowledge, or lack of, in the field, it is my belief that music is for everyone - why else would it be performed in public spaces? Why else would it be recorded and sold en mass? And if they're going to send it out to the public, shouldn't they expect some sort of response, educated or otherwise?

In response to the second email, yes, we are on "F##king crack." A hairy, sweaty, smelly crack probably something much like where your comments come from. And what's with the pound signs, Adam, can't you fucking type?? Thanks for your feedback.
And now for something completely different. This weekend U2 tickets go on sale. Rumor has it they're over $100 for the good seats. I used to be a huge fan. I even thought the whole ZooTV tour was hilarious if you got the joke, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay that kind of money, even with the lovely PJ Harvey opening, when on any night of the week I can see just as good a show in one of the local bars for five or six bucks and get as close as I want to the performers and pay a heck of a lot less for much better beers! So if anyone has any freebies for this show they wanna get rid of just let us know, otherwise we'll save the dough and use it to support the local scene, and our drinking habits…

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