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When it rains it pours. I've begged, threatened, offered countless rewards but nobody ever writes in so I gave up and just ran the whole damn show myself. Then this week I get reports from all over and suddenly Electric Degeneration is packed full o' good stuff! This episode is what I had in mind when I started the whole shebang! So of course next broadcast it'll all go to hell, but you get what you pay for and this is fuckin' FREE so what do you want?

Degenerate DC sent us this report about Dottie's:
did go to dotties on sat.; everybody is vague on the story (or were too drunk to answer coherently), but scoop as I here it is this; dottie is dead; they did get an eviction notice and they are fighting it; ronnie, the son is currently in charge; there were bands there on saturday (and they were pretty good) but much of sound equipment had taken a walk; rick was pissed because no one gavehim credit for all the hard work he had done at attracting good bands to dotties and dismayed at how quickly it could all be lost; he is not being kept in the loop about what was going on; service was loosey goosey, bartender kept wandering off to back room and telling customers to watch the register; back room was active with traffic; drink prices were being made up as they went and all the draft had run out; lots of free beer was being given away; don't see how they can survive much longer with the loose business end, but time will tell. they kept serving after the cutoff time into sunday morning; at first looking at clock and being nervous and finally giving up and not worrying about it.

Monday the rest of the DP staff showed up for the usual free pool/cheap beer night to be greeting by the proprietor smoking a big ol' joint. Nobody could figure out how much the beer was supposed to be and it seemed more like The Trailer in my old hometown, the place where everyone knew there was a party 24/7 'cause the two guys renting the single-wide at the end of the trailer park were super friendly and cool with just about any activity, legal or otherwise. I fear Dottie's may suffer the same fate - hassled by The Man until the renters move out, then the whole neighborhood goes to hell.

On The Daily Show last night, rerun this evening, Kermit the Frog announced that they were going to begin shooting The New Muppet Show this year! He said a lot of the old cast will be there, Statler and Waldorf included. We at Degenerate Press can't wait! We've subscribed to the Muppet Show video club and are accumulating the original shows as fast as they'll send 'em. It's still a better show than 90% of what's on television and it just keeps getting better as they continue to edit the old cartoons we grew up on and generally whitewash everything worth a damn into a bland PC nightmare.

Thanks to degenerate RB for this report:
You guys missed this from Prophecy. They rocked the house at Center Stage Friday night. Four 20 minute solos by each of the guys, with Jeff Coffin playing 2 saxes at once. And Bela playing acoustic versions of "Linus and Lucy" and some Bach were just mindblowing. Got two complaints though. #1 Center Stage. They oversold the show and with general seating people were sitting in the stairs and were climbing over me and my friend to get to spots to stand. Some chick spilled her beer on the floor in front of where I was sitting. #2 The crowd. I paid to listen to a band that makes it well worth your time to have ears. I *FUCKING DIDN'T* come to listen to someone else's conversation. Half the crowd was the over 30's group (like me) that have been listening to them for 10+ years. The other half were the lower 20's that came to score. That said, it was a damn good show. They deserve the 3 Grammy's they're nominated for.

I put up a few pictures from the Fantasm Preview Pajama Party:
Don't forget the upcoming threesome party we're throwing:

It's that time of year again, the ultimate made-up Hallmark holiday, Valentine's Day, or VD as we like to call it here at Degenerate Press. I've never been a big fan of VD but it's spreading worldwide. In fact, it's causing inflamed uprisings in India:
I don't blame them for disliking the holiday. VD is only fun when you share it with someone else. And even then it's force-fed pre-fab romance - "You must celebrate on this day and with these flowers and this candy." What the hell is that? That's not romance, that's just a weakness for peer pressure.

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