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Last episode we ran this and got a horde of folks asking "Where?" Sorry, this is at Echo Lounge! Tuesdays starting Feb 6th: Rock & Roll High School: Dj's Spinning: MC5, Stooges, Clash, T-Rex, Bowie, Damned, NY Dolls, Thee Headcoats, Thin Lizzy, Eno, Roxy Music, The Cramps and MORE!!!! That's right kids... Morgan from The X-Impossibles & Christy from The Subsonics will be spinning some of the finest Rock,Punk, Glam, Garage and Trash known the world over.... Doors are at 10:00

In worse news, we got this from the guys in Soup:
As many of you know, one of Soup's founding members, and original accordion player, is Mike Macon, who can be heard on both "Laughing at the Fables" and as a special guest on "Breakdown". Mike's addition of the accordion helped create the inimitable sound of Soup that is still implicit in our music today. Mike played with the band from its inception until 1996 when he decided to leave in order to marry the love of his life, Amy, and the two moved to Portland, Oregon, where Mike has been pursuing a career as a professor. Just a few months ago we received the unfortunate word from him that he was battling an aggressive form of Lymphoma; a cancer that starts in lymphoid tissue and spreads to other organs. Along with this form of cancer come a number of related conditions that Mike has been battling on a daily basis in addition to cancer. Knowing the difficult battle towards recovery but with the strongest sense of hope and faith, everyone here at Soup is pulling for Mike with confidence that his incredible courage and strength will prevail. We believe there is strength in the thoughts and prayers of many, and thus, we encourage you to send Mike a note to lift his spirits and let him know that you are thinking of him. To do so, you can send an e-mail to Mike at If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us via email at We will try our best to update you as the treatments progress. Also, we will notify Mike of any posts for him on the Message Board at -, so feel free to share your thoughts there as well. As always, thanks for your support, Soup For more information about cancer and efforts to find effective treatments and cures, please visit the website for the American Cancer Society at

We got this from degenerate AH: Got two political announcements you might be interested in running. Feb. 1, the Metro Atlanta Green Party is meeting at Innovox at 7:30 pm The Dekalb County Green Party meets there on Feb. 7 at 8 pm Innovox is a large coffee shop on the underground level of the Kroger shopping center next to City Hall East. 699 Ponce, 4-872-4482

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