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Friday we headed to degenerate MB's swell house south of East Atlanta for a cook out, beverages and socialism. Uh... socializing. Everyone got fed, regardless. Bellies full, we hit Echo Lounge. Amy Pike and Anna Kramer came on with acoustic rootsy country stuff. Amy has a fantastic, strong, clear voice - perfect for that kind of stuff. Anna's softer voice contrasted nicely in the background. "Imagine you're at your girlfriend's house, sitting on the front porch having to listen to her aunts sing, so be polite. Then you can get in that Camaro, spray painted flat black, and go down the road a couple of exits for some rock and roll. But this is the old lady portion of the entertainment." Amy said. It was fine stuff, but it was a little on the sleepy side, particularly for those of us that had just eaten buckets and buckets of food and washed it down with vino. Honky, a three piece from Texas featuring Jeff Pinkus of The Butthole Surfers, came on stage. It's a little 70's hard rock mixed with a little southern funkiness, sort of a mix of Gargantua and Syrup. Good stuff, as long as it's not taken seriously.
Brief pause to bitch (it wouldn't be a Degenerate Press broadcast without some form of complaint) - yet again the audience was half full of geeks and their digital cameras, turning the show into a paparazzi strobe light nightmare. Can't you dorks get a camera sensitive enough not to need a flash? Can't YOU be sensitive enough not to use a flash?? Back to our program, already in progress.
Drive-By Truckers wrapped up the night's festivities. The first 20 minutes or so the songs all sort of blurred together and I though one of their newer songs sounded exactly like one of their older songs. In fact, they were so similar I thought they'd just changed the lyrics a bit. But after they got warmed up they positively took over the room and put on the best goddamn RAWK show I've seen in a year or so. BadASS. They played a few from their upcoming southern rock opera and I can't wait for its release. Patterson said "Sometime this summer!" when questioned about it.

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