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Last episode generated a horde of responses, most of the "No, really, my wedding is gonna be COOL!" type, or "No, really, we won't change, we'll do lunch, at a strip club, really!" variety. I've heard 'em all before, usually a couple of months before the ceremony (what month is this?) Prove me wrong, kids, prove me wrong and the first round is on me.
Here's some of the more interesting responses (sorry I didn't run them all!)
What do you get for holding up the world but sore shoulders?
Come sway with us through shimmering fields of early autumn,
We who burn with a passion deeper than presence,
We who know bonds beyond daily decadence,
And we who revel and delight at the thought of another in our company.
Degenerate IS

And one from degenerate LS:
After reading your article on your friends' wedding reception and your views in general I had to say I agree. I am very happy with my partner. We live together, create together and generally have a nice life. I can't see how getting the government involved in our relationship would be an improvement. We don't need the legal system to tell us who owns what in our apartment. I don't need the big guy in the sky and his myriad bullshit organizations to validate our relationship. I can't see how getting a blood test and buying permits and making a bunch of promises in front of friends and family adds anything to a relationship. If people wanted to get together and have a little commitment ceremony of their own design maybe. At least that doesn't get church and state involved. If my partner suddenly said "will you marry me?" I'd think what's wrong? Is he in some kind of legal trouble and I need to be excused from testifying or what? Maybe a fever. I can cite one exception to my usual rule. I had friends that had dated a couple of years then lived together 12 years and decided to have a baby. They thought for PTA purposes and so forth a common family name might be convenient. Right before the baby was born they stopped by the courthouse for a quick I do. At that point I couldn't really be too upset about it. It is people that jump into marriage after a relatively short period of togetherness that I don't get. It is supposed to be a life long commitment so why rush? If you aren't planning for it to be a life long commitment why do it? People should really ask themselves what they are getting married for. If you are so insecure that you need a government sanction to validate your relationship you need therapy not a wedding!

Monday we arrived at Echo a little late (I prefer to get there early, beat the line and get a good spot) but once we elbowed our way closer to the stage and got a listen of the opening act I wasn't complaining - I was glad I'd missed a little of their set. Kingsbury Manx do monotone songs that drone from one to the next with only a pause in between, but little discernable difference. Purposefully slightly atonal harmonies worked well in short bursts, but these guys dragged it on and on and on. Unfortunately the club was too packed to move from the spot so we stood as patiently as we could manage.
After a LONG break, Steven Malkmus came on with his new band The Jix. It sounds like a toned down version of Pavement, a little less off kilter, but still with the fun guitar work. It's got a beat, but it's not something you can dance to. In fact, the crowd was the subdued college crowd, too cool to show too much enjoyment at anything. At one point some girl came up behind me and tried to drag her date through the crush, but you couldn't force a piece of paper through. She pouted, obviously thinking she should get her way because she was just so darned cute. Fortunately her date didn't press the issue and pulled her back. I only mention this to illustrate the sardine-like conditions of the show. After a 45 minute set or so the band took a break and we broke for the door. By the time we waded through the masses and got out the door the band was already back from the break, but our motivation was broken and we headed home to bed.

In other news, degenerate DM headed to Coast Con a couple of weekends ago and finally got her review online:

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