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If you haven't alredy, don't open the Snowhite message. Delete it, and the attachment. Then scan your machine for viruses.
It's tradition here at Degenerate Press to broadcast some kind of trickery for April Fool's every year, and I was all fired up to do the same this year only to find some fuckhead had beat me to it. Apparently somehow they got the alias to our mailing list, and through some bogus stealth mailer sent out a virus to our subscribers. I apologize for any problems you may have had as a result. If there's anything I can do let me know! The From address was but if you go to it contains alert information about the virus from someone trying to stop the damn thing, and has links to various virus fighters. I'm talking to our service provider to see what can be done to stop this kind of shit in the future, as well as double-checking our machine to make sure we're not infected. Fortunately the office email is not on our own subscriber list so it didn't come to us. Unfortunately, that means we didn't know about it when it happened. Again, I apologize.

Friday we hit Northside Tavern around 10 and found the joint crowded, but not intolerable. Danny was already on stage doing a number with one other musician, but soon he brought the whole gang on stage and the eclectic jambalaya jamboree that is Mudcat started up full force. During breaks Danny joked about how Northside used to be just a dive bar for redneck drunks, but now it's well, a dive bar for redneck drunks. But while the room has changed little, except for the new roof and hvac system, the crowd has changed significantly. One of the Dottie's regulars who hadn't been in a while said "It used to just be us Georgia Tech seniors, but these look more like sophomores," pointing to the young faces. "Yeah, but now the alumni come too!" I noted, pointing out the older faces. This was further proven when we stepped outside just in time to see a Rolls Royce pull out of the parking lot. But the downhome feel of Mudcat's music kept both the upscale crowd and the po' trash like me grinning, heads bopping, and toes tapping. I picked up a copy of his new CD and I'll get around to reviewing that later in the week. Right now we're still in damage control mode from the invasion of the list snatchers.

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