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Sorry for the delay in broadcasting, we were at the drive in for this year's first Mondo Movie night. The folks at Camel have given up on the event, but the fine folks of Starlight Drive In, with a little help from the Drive Invaders and Rip of The Penetrators, are keeping the dream alive every third Sunday this summer. Last night featured It Conquered the World, a crappy black and white sci-fi Roger Corman flick. I'd seen it on MST3K several times, but the cartoons before made it worth while, and the weather was perfect. We didn't stick around for the second feature, but lots of folks did so it looks like this will be a success without the money from the folks at Cancer. Uh… Camel.

Thursday we headed to Gato Bizco on McLendon, just East of L5P, for degenerate MB's birthday. The tiny joint was packed with well-wishers and hangers-on of one of the most popular girls on the scene. But as enjoyable as the company was, the food outshined the scene. Mike Geier stood behind the bar whipping up food with a vaguely Spanish origin, but with influences from all over. He started us out with plantanos fritas, served up on a bed of beans and rice. Sweet, atop salty, damn good. That was followed by empanadas, stuffed little pastries with all sorts of goodies in 'em, a mix that was unidentifiable but delicious, served up on a bed of tomatoes. Then we sampled a couple of tamales, one with a mix of mushrooms and other flavors, another with chicken. Both were tasty. We topped the night off with homemade ice cream, both coconut and ginger flavors and both delicious. Mike's personal philosophy and tales flowed as readily as the food, but I was busily using my sense of taste and smell too much to pay close attention to my ears - very highly recommended!

"I'm u didn't mean it that way but that "gabba gabba bye." comment seemed really shitty and spiteful to me, and not that Joey was a great peacemaker/savior/leader/hotdogguy, but he deserves better than that i think. My two cents, TC2"
We're just making sure everyone knew about it, which if you watch TV or listen to the radio you likely did. We're big Ramones fans and it was a bummer of a week listening to all that great music, as each and every DJ gave their tribute over the week, knowing that there wouldn't be any new stuff to look forward to.

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