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Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap! I started to do a review of Tease-O-Rama for your mid-week Electric Degeneration, but words just don't do it justice so I had to bust my tired butt putting together an online version with photos and such. It's still in progress - Wolf fucked up the photo CD's so I'm rescanning the black and white pictures, but it'll give you an inkling of how much fun the weekend was:

The summer film fest kicks off at the Fox June 11 with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. They always have a great mix of movies you just missed at the theater, and some classics from yesteryear.
If you missed the Kubrick films at the Mondo Movie last Sunday at the drive in, you can catch Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove at the Fox on July 5! See for more info.

We got this from degenerate SS, of Tore Up:
Just wanted to drop a reminder to you and all the DP'ers about our annual BBQ on Memorial Day. This will be our last one, as a move is coming up very soon. Just the facts; What: 4th Annual Bubbapalooza Bubba-Q When: Monday, May 29th @ 2pm Where: Stuart and Kerrys House, 960 Delaware Ave. Bring your own meats or veggies for the grill, or a side dish to share. Beer provided by "Big Daddy" Chris Torenzi, otherwise, BYOB. Kids are welcome, leave the dogs at home. Hope you and Miss DP can attend this year, a hell of a way to end Bubbapalooza weekend. Stuart P.S. SPECIAL ALERT!!! World famous, no account-born insecure-rat soup eating M*$%^@ F()!@#'s TORE UP! have just been added to the bill for this years Bubbapalooza. Sunday night @ 9pm. 1rst Atlanta appearance (or anywhere for that matter) in a YEAR!!! And the last one ever.

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