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Paper versions should be hot of the printer any day now.

If you've been following the news you know the power shift that has taken place in the senate thanks to Jim Jeffords jumping ship on the Republicans and going indie. There's a nicely written article that isn't kind towards W. in Time online:,9171,1101010604-128132,00.html This is what happens when you let an idiot steal the helm.

We don't normally run propoganda for bands we haven't seen yet but since we've seen each member of The Pinups in other acts, and all of 'em good, we're making an exception! We got this from Katy, of Catfight! and now The Pinups:
The Pinups are Atlanta's new SUPERGROUP. I hope you are sitting down, because when you see this superstar line-up you just might get weak from excitement-- Kim Breeden from Puddin' on vocals Hugh Breeden from Puddin' on drums Kevin Rej from 6x on guitar Katy Graves from Catfight on bass Shawn Christian from the X-Impossibles on guitar We are the coolest cover band in Atlanta, I kid you not. We hope eventually to make tons of money doing proms and bar mitzvahs, but for now our debut show is this SATURDAY JUNE 2ND AT THE STAR BAR!! We will be doing some crowd pleasin' hits, everything from Iggy Pop and Motorhead to Rick Springfield and Motley Crue! The Pinups are playing first, warming up the crowd for The Heathens and the Spectremen, so get there good and early... And we got this from degenerate JH: I'm outta here. Moving to SF in a few weeks. Osaka's last show will be June 8 @ the Earl with Curtis Mathes (w/ Colin from Plastic Plan) and Cabo Polonia (who despite the name are from around here).

A couple of episodes ago we mentioned the Mother's Finest, Go-Go's, and Pat Benetar shows all at The Tabernacle. Well the retro madness continues at Lakewood, AKA HiFi Buys Ampitheater: Poison, Warrant, Quiet Riot on May 31 Berlin, Asia, The Fixx, The Outfield, and The Motels June 17 Styx, Bad Co., and Billy Squier June 21 I thought we went through this a couple of summers ago, or was that just last summer? Or maybe they never stopped, I just stopped noticing?!?

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