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Thursday we hit Echo Lounge and found the place done up in carnival style for the Bindelstiff Family Cirkus and Greasepaint show. First up was the Bindelstiff clown, doing some "what the clowns do after the show is over" stuff involving balloons, a bottle of "cheap red wine," and a Hustler magazine. More Bindelstiff stuff followed, from a very cool trapeze act to a very hot fire eating act. It's fantastic stuff and I was sad to skip out on the rest of the show but I had an 8 AM meeting the next morning and with the work situation what it is I figured I'd better be there and alert. So we headed out as Greasepaint was setting up and we heard there was another Bindelstiff set after that, involving sword swallowing and plate spinning. I'd seen both routines but they're worth seeing over and over again and I can't wait for them to come back to town.
While the masses flocked to Music Midtown, the rest of town was dead empty. It felt like a holiday weekend as we cruised town running errands, having even the highway almost to ourselves. Great for us, but not so great for the bands at the EARL on Saturday night. We showed up about 10:30 and the joint was near empty for the Punk Rock Prom. But a few folks trickled in, some even dressed for the affair. Your editor had a swell tux shirt on, with the sleeves ripped off and a large Anarchy symbol in marker on the back, SW on his arm in a prom dress torn up the leg and reassembled with safety pins, a black rose corsage on her breast. The opening act, The Nowhere Squares, did a fun set of music somewhere between Dead Kennedys and Weird Al, but with a David Byrne/Jerry Lewis/Buddy Holly lead singer. Good stuff.
The Helgas followed, but yet again we had to split early and missed the rest of the show. But I wasn't too worried, we'll be seeing The Helgas again in July at our party!
Speaking of, The Stimulants have also confirmed, and there are still a couple of acts considering.
Meanwhile, degenerate LS sent us this: Patti Smith was worth it all! The past two years of performing at Music Midtown were great fun and I loved seeing Iggy Pop for free. This year I was just slammed and I was not going to do a show because I was just to darn busy. When I heard Patti Smith was going to perform I changed my mind. Yes it was an almost frightening sea of humanity but It was so worth it. She absolutely rocked! I almost came to tears when she closed her show telling everyone to think for themselves. Her American Artist poem also really hit home. It was an unbelievable experience. We hung around to see Bob Dylan because he is historically significant. I hadn't seen him since the show at the Fox when he was touring in support of Live at Budakan. (most likely a horrendous spelling there). I wish I had left early it was really sad to see just how he had paled over the years. In a way I guess that isn't fair because I would hate to be held up to a comparison of myself 25 years ago. Eventually he was just boring us to death and we left before he finished. But Patti Smith made it all worth while and her show will definitely be on my books as one of those all time great moments. If I don't see anyone else she made it all worth it.

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