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Sunday we headed to Anthony's Pizza, on East Ponce just east of the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Some slackers that work at my mechanic's shop had organized an old car show, "pre-69 American steel or bondo" and more than a dozen beautiful machines filled the lot. My personal fave was a sweet 68 Camaro RS, a lovely creature in white and orange. Bands played under an awning next door, all psychobilly punkabilly rockabilly stuff, while inside the A/C kept the beer drinking contingent cool. The pizza was pretty tasty and they've got a full bar so we'll likely be back in the future. Eventually they moved the show inside, where they've got a decent stage and plenty of seating. Despite technical difficulties for the first several numbers, The Getting' Headstones rocked out while the retro cool cats crowded the stage. Unfortunately, the Degenerate Press' new ride is still in the shop. Hopefully she'll be road-worthy sometime this week. Head to for details.

Sunday night's Bands on the Run on VH1 featured Atlanta, and some of our favorite venues like The Star Bar, and The EARL. Next week's episode also takes place in Atlanta. Tune in and join us in yelling at the TV "Hey, I've been there!"

In other news, the competition fall like card houses under the mighty breaking wind of Ear Plugs. says "Unfortunately, this is as much of as we can afford to provide right now," showing only their home page image and no content behind it, "and absent any outside financial intervention, we are finished." Ha! Ear Plugs still stands! I'm reminded of the time I bought a booth at the Decatur Arts Fest, the year the hurricane came all the way to Atlanta and destroyed half the town. As the other booths in the festival were literally turned end over end my heavy metal sculpture stood firm. I walked around in the torrent saying "MY art is INDESCRUCTABLE!!" as egg tempra paintings and tapestries of ducks flew by in the wind. Another one gone, and another one gone, another one bits the dust.

Speaking of, we got this from degenerate LS:
I know his music may not have been your style but John Hartford died. When Led Zeppelin released Houses of the Holy and The Rolling Stones released Angie and southern boogie seemed to be everywhere I thought rock had indeed died and spent a lot of time listening to jazz and bluegrass. John Hartford was very witty and talented. I saw him at a Bluegrass festival in Oregon and he was awesome. This has been a week of sad news.

So more than a week late the company finally gets around to telling me if they'd like to keep me after the next big round of layoffs, planned for the end of the month. They assign a guy from another department to tell me, someone I've only seen once in a meeting and never worked with, because my manager is off-site (and possibly getting laid off) and his boss is getting laid off. So the little weasely technogeek calls and says "Let's talk."
I go down and he pulls me into one of the many empty offices and says "I've been tasked to tell you were you stand here. You're going to be one of the core team."
"Uh... no I'm not." I reply, trying, and failing, to suppress a big grin.
"I put in my notice this morning. I found another job."
I got to giggle all the way back to my desk, stationed in the department that just got reduced from 4 people to 1 in the upcoming round of cuts.
"You can't hire me, I quit!" was my personal running joke for the rest of the day. No, I didn't get any more money, but it's a shorter drive and hopefully more stability. More details when I actually start work.

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