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I've been getting various reports from the opening of Lenny's, formerly Dotties, like this one from degenate PK:
That's right!!!! Get off yer butt and head on over to Dottie's.... er, I mean LENNY's on Saturday, June 16th to get yer rock on with the Indicators!!! There's millions of reasons to celebrate this weekend. Here's the Top 3... 1. The Indicators have a brand new CD out called "Beauty is a Whore." If you don't have a copy, c'mon out to the show and get one! The Indies also have a few new songs we want to spring on ya. $5.00 gets you in the door and a FREE copy of "BEAUTY IS A WHORE." There's also a *special guest* or two that will play the same evening. I'll give you a hint... a cowboy hat, an Ovation and a Digitech Delay pedal. ; ) 2. It's Lanna's birthday! Buy her a drink! Hell, buy her a dozen. 3. LENNY's rules, man! I've spent the past two evenings there suckin' down beers with the big man Lenny himself. He's a cool dude and I foresee wonderful things at the new and improved doublewide. The stage is fixed up. The beer is cold. The ROCK is back! (By the way, the Men's room smells like pine trees instead of gymsockodorshitsmell and the pool tables play better than ever... YAHHOOOOO!) Have a good week! See you at Lenny's on Saturday at 10pm. Yer pal, Evil Pete Knapp Got time to waste? Head over to Indicator Central:

And this one from degenerate SK:
Lenny's (Dottie's) officially (re)opened last Friday (good). Beer is $3 (bad). Blame that on all the money they had to spend after RH trashed the place. Free pool Mon OR Tues, don't know which (good). I didn't see any sound system, but the word from Killer Larry is that the Moonshine Killers will play the grand opening next Saturday 6/23 (GOOD!), possibly their last show (BAD!). The Killers always had good l.c.d. appeal and good neighborhood support so it should be a fun show. Intown Atlanta needs an entry level variety rock venue, so come out and give the place another chance and drink a toast to Dottie's memory.

Rumor has it the reason it took so long to open the joint up again is that Ronnie trashed the place after losing his last battle against the eviction notice, but it doesn't matter 'cause he's gone and the door's open again. Hopefully we'll have Monday pool nights scheduled again starting next week!

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