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I started the new job today and I gotta say so far I'm not impressed. The office conditions are a little crappier than my old job, my machine is a bit older, and a laptop, so it's slow, and they recently had a visit by the Software Police so they're paranoid about installing anything , even fuckin' shareware. But on the up side I don't (yet) feel like I'm going to be laid off at any minute and I'm not working on goddamn Equifax's web site any more, one of the worst clients in my entire career and unfortunately my only client at my previous job. You win some, you lose some.

At the Moonshine Killers' last show they gave away a free CD to anyone that bothered to take one so I snatched one up. As mentioned, they have some fantastic songs, but live they never have it together enough to play 'em. But obviously they stayed sober, or got just drunk enough, for the full length demo 'cause it kicks ass. Hate to see talent go to waste when talentless crap is shoved down our throats by mainstream radio and eMpTyV. Enjoy this CD if you can get it, there are musically starved children in China on a Brittany diet.

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