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It's our sad duty to report that Ken Barr, of The Stimulants, was injured in a car accident this past weekend leaving our party. Apparently he was in a truck driven by a band mate and ended up going off the road. Ken suffered severe head injuries and was briefly in a coma. Rumor has it he has since moved all of his limbs but has lost sight in one eye. They don't yet know if this is permanent or not, but his bandmates are trying to organize a benefit in his behalf to help with the medical bills. We'll let you know as soon as we get the details.

We've gotten a few comments on the party:

Good beer, good pig, and excellent music by all 4 bands! Since the deliverance soundtrack I heard from my tent(still smelling of rocket fuel/explosives residue) included no gunfire, I'd still call it a success. Also, any time you can hurl downhill and with the wind you're doin' ok.
degenerate SK

Hey, my HUGE thanks to you and the Dahlonega hilltop gang for hosting what once again proved to be the Party of the Year. Even though I had to leave the premises before the bands started playing, I immensely enjoyed spending the afternoon out there in country, inhaling the scent of sizzling pork, then inhaling some sizzling pork, and then inhaling some great mico-brew beer. It was a real kick to hang out with all those folks -- and to meet some interesting new ones, as well.
degenerate GN

Wanted to say thanks for another great Blast. This was my 1st in 5 or 6 years, as I had relocated to Chicago for a spell, but it was nice to come back to it. Anyway, both my wife and I, as well as our friends liked all the bands, but we LOVED the Bluejays and The Helgas. Thanks again for the hospitality!
degenerate BS

Ola senior, just got the latest output. Thought I'd throw one at ya. I play drums for a 'pre-65' type country band. Real straight stuff, George Jones, Jim Reeves, Buck Owens, some Hank Sr. etc. We're doing Dunch at the Earl on the 15th of July, a fine way to ease into the Dogwood Brewery party. C'mon by, the foods great and fun's free. Enjoyed the party, but hated getting home.
degenerate MS

In other post-party news, we found a big honkin' ring, silver, looks like armor. If anyone can claim it contact us. Also, I didn't take nearly enough photos since I was too busy organizing or carousing, so if anyone wants to donate a spare set of their photos I'd be appreciative. I'd offer to pay but I already filled your belly full o' pork and beer, your ears full of free music, and your nose full o' smoke from fireworks, what the hell more do you want? By the way, I neglected to thank the fine folks at Daemon Records for sending a few folks our way. I hope the newbies were as scared of us as we were of them, but that they all brave other Degenerate Press events in the future. As for you regulars, make sure to buy a Daemon Record or three, they've got some of the best local talent available!

We got this from degenerate LS
I just got back from seeing Final Fantasy. I feel my prediction will be true. After reading about it and seeing the first clip in a trailer I felt this movie would change what animated films could be the way the first Star Wars movie changed Sci Fi movies. It was beautifully done and it even had a story that was interesting. Lots of movies with over the top special effects count on the effects to carry the day and have just the thinnest excuse for a story. Unlike Shrek which was touted as having the voices of Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy, Final fantasy has a kick ass bunch of actors that are not mentioned at all in the promotional advertising. This is because this movie doesn't need their star power. It can and does stand on it's own merits. It is definitely the best movie made from a video game ever. Of course that isn't saying much when you actually consider movies in that genre. I think the key to its success as a movie is that the game developers also made the movie. They didn't just license the name to some Hollywood accountants that thought it might be a good draw. The best news is that the excruciating music >from the game is not in the movie. Oh happy day.

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