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Tuesday we hit the drive in for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It's empty, cute fun with enough laughs to keep me entertained through most of the film. Not really a "must see" but if you're at the movies and want a laugh you'll get one or two from this Wayne's World meets Beavis and Butthead flick.

Former degenerate DN has the rough draft of his trip to London, Paris, and Orleans online at tales at the long url:

We're still getting a few responses from our Death of Atlanta Music Scene tirade a couple of episodes ago. Here's one from degenerate SOS:
I think that some of the blame for audience apathy rests upon a number of
the bands themselves. I won't name names, but I'll simply put forth this
observation--there are bands that do what they do very well, but they never
do anything else. Ever. New songs sound exactly like the old songs, and
the old songs never leave the set list. Over time, the motivation to go and
see them play decreases, simply because you've seen it enough times to know
everything that's going to happen. By that point, you might as well stay
home and listen to the record. I still do go out and see these bands, but I
don't go out and see them every single time they play anymore.
There is another band--to be fair, I won't name names here, either--that
I've been following for the past several years and one of the things that
keeps me coming back is the fact that they've changed over time. They were
constantly adding new songs to their set, so I had to go see them play if I
wanted to hear those songs. By the time those songs were recorded and
available, they were already working on new ones. Each album (so far) has
been different from the previous one in sound and style. They don't even
dress the way they used to. And I while I love their first album to bits
and pieces, I don't know if I'd still be hanging around if they were still
doing that five years later.
love and kisses,
Sheila the Wonderbink
Me: "You are the God of All Things Rhythmic."
Terry Bozzio: "Aw, thanks. I do what I can."
7-18-01, The Roxy, Los Angeles
In better news we got this from degenerate SS:
I'd like to give mad ass props to the whole gang at The Echo Lounge for
being so dang cool. The venue hosted The Daemon Records showcase this past
weekend and EVERYONE was totally helpful and totally on the job. Thanks
Echo Lounge, y'all rule.

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