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Saturday we celebrated SW's birthday at Gato Bizco on McLendon where Mike Geier whips up some phenomenal grub. The special du jour was a Cajun dish in honor of the passing of Justin Wilson, "The Cajun Chef." I was heartbroken to hear he'd died but at 87 I suppose it's long past due with his diet!
We headed to the Star Bar afterward for drinks, then upstairs for the show. Kenny Howes and a couple of others kicked things off as "The Why" doing all Who covers - excellent stuff. The drummer was doing a fantastic job, the bassist was passable, and Kenny's guitar work was both reverential and imaginative. Very cool.
The Countdown Quartet followed, an act from one of the Carolinas who does very New Orleans style music somewhere between old jazz, blues and rock with lots of "call and response" style songs punctuated by a sax. They recently lost a member so the sax is now the sole horn, but it was still fun stuff. The joint was half empty, but those who were there to catch it enjoyed it.

Apparently The Gobbler was still open for business with only minor changes as of 1999:
I have never wanted to visit Wisconsin before now.
I'm still not sure I do, but this is definitely encouraging.
Thanks to degenerate JH for tracking that down!

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