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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand POW it's fall.
I know we needed the rain and all, but I was hoping when (or IF) it abated we'd get a last blast of steam to tide us cold-blooded types over for a while. But instead it went from rainy, to rainy and cold.
If it's gonna be like this I might as well be in San Francisco!
In fact, DP staffers are hopping a plane at some ungodly hour to head farther west than we've ever been, out to the land of earthquakes, mudslides, brushfires, the highest cost of living on the planet, cold, foggy days and even colder nights. Why?
Naked chicks, that's why! Duh!
We'll be at Tease-O-Rama 2002, a three-day festival of burlesque, ogling incredible acts of talent and semi-nudity. We'll bring back the usual torrid tales and perverse pictures for your vicarious living next week.

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