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We've been making runs to the liquor store, plastering up fake
cobwebs, sweeping down real cobwebs, chopping cheese, mixing dip,
assembling records and CD's, dusting off strange games and generally
getting the joint ready for the official Degenerate Press Halloween
Party all week - the only thing that remains to be done is open the
door and let hordes of masked lunatics in to enjoy the festivities!
So BE HERE SATURDAY, and bring friends, dammit!
We put a mapblast link at the bottom of the online invite so all you
gotta do is stick in where you're coming from and it'll give you
directions to our door:
As usual with our Hallowed events, this is a costume affair with a
vague Return To Childhood theme. We don't care if it's your favorite
cartoon character, a political figure from your youth, that swell
Member's Only jacket you just couldn't bear to part with, or if you
just show up in your jammyjams, just don't bring any actual children
for this childish event.
We'll have booze, food, music, movies, prizes, games, face painting,
clowns, elephants...
Well, you get the idea!
Feel free to forward this email/invite to other friendly faces!

I got these condolences from degenerate BS in response to last episode:

Excellent Essay! As I have just turned 37, and just got divorced, I,
too, have found that trying to get back into "the scene" is more
difficult than I had imagined.
First, I find that I actually pay the price the next morning for the
previous night's excesses - that never used to happen, or if it did,
a cup of coffee and some greasy food would normally put me right with
the world. Now, I have to "pace myself", which I feel is the first
step towards the eventual joys of a Walker and Geritol.
Next, lemme say something about the music the kids are listening to -
it isn't music if somebody didn't sweat making it! I'm sorry, I have
this little program on my computer, called Acid Music 3.0, and I can
put together all sorts of cool loops and stuff, and it sounds pretty
cool, but I can't call it music. It is pretty noise, is all. It
troubles me that a lot of kids are growing up without the great
realization that the greatest sound in the world comes from two
guitars, a bass and a set of drums. (I'll make concessions - the
White Stripes do fine work with no bass, and only one guitar...)
I've actually gone to the wayback machine to start feeling music the
proper way again - I bought a wind-up RCA Victrola, 78 RPM Phonograph
and some vintage recordings off of Ebay - a couple of weeks ago at my
housewarming party, some of the young'uns were amazed to see such a
device - lookie here, kids - music without electricity! The best
part about old 78's? There is absolutely NO TECHNO on that format
(Although, in a way, that would be kind of cool...).
Sigh... What are ya gonna do? Well, you could join us for a pub
crawl through East Atlanta on Friday night - here is the skinny:
This is the list o' bars that we will frequent. We will start at 6:30 at
the Flatiron and move on accordingly. Once we move from a
bar to another, we will mark which bar is next in chalk on the sidewalk.
Flatiron 520 Flat Shoals Ave SE Atlanta GA (404) 688-8864
the Earl 488 Flat Shoals Ave SE Atlanta GA (404) 522-3950
the Fountainhead 485 Flat Shoals Ave Atlanta GA (404) 522-7841
the Village 525 Flat Shoals Ave Atlanta GA (404)65-3835
Mary's 1287 Glenwood Ave Atlanta GA (404) 624-4411
Gravity 1257 Glenwood Ave SE Atlanta GA (404) 627-5555
Could be fun, and a few of us are teetering toward middle age, so you
won't be alone, brother!
Degenerate BS

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