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As always, I wish more folks had shown up, but, as always, the crowd
that opted for our party against the dozens of other options Saturday
night had a good time, mixing drinks and mingling to the sounds of
our youth, from The Jungle Book soundtrack to Kiss, while inside the
TV flickered images of Land of the Lost, Sigmund and the Sea
Monsters, and Evel Knievel. Outside folks were popping the tops of
beers in our outdoor theater, watching Betty Boop, Mighty Mouse, and
The Muppet Show.
Congratulations to degenerate CD on his winning entry in the invite
coloring contest, and to degenerate DC for winning the costume
contest. There were some hilarious entries ("Hi, I'm Darth, I'll be
your waiter tonight.") and when I finally hit the sack sometime
after 5 AM I was still smiling.
Photos will be posted one of these days. I wanted prints so I didn't
take any with the digital, except when I ran out of film and
degenerate JH, done up as Thurston Howell, was passed out in the

It's about this time every year we start planning for the holidays.
No, not Turkey Day or Consumass, we're talkin' New Year's Eve.
Unfortunately this year, due to a year of underemployment and too
much work on the Thunderbird, we're unable to party nearly as hardy
as we'd like. CHEAP suggestions welcome. A couple of degenerates are
talking about following our lead, while others gave up on our po'
asses and are flying off to the Bahamas (rich bastards.) Ideas?

At a recent wedding I overheard Ted Weldon, lead singer of former Atlanta
favorites Truckadelic, talking about his possible troubles with MTV and
Viacom. It seems the station licensed a few Truckadelic tunes for one of
those shitty Real World shows about Sorority bimbos, but then used an extra
song without paying for it, some 45 seconds of "Whoop It Up" that were
broadcast worldwide. Ted said they had a lawyer in hot pursuit of whatever
they could squeeze out of Viacom. So let that be a warning to you bands
selling yourself cheap - get a lawyer first so you don't have to ask
questions later.

We caught Jackass: The Movie on a rainy Monday night. It's been
bashed by critics as puerile and juvenile and I have to agree - it's
perfect. This is not high art, it's just the opposite. You come away
barely remembering it, just one blur of bodies flying through the air
in frightening yet comical fashion. But every movie doesn't have to
have deep symbolic meanings, subtle elegance, star power, chemistry,
blah blah blah. Instead, this film has slapstick without the plot,
often the weakest part of any slapstick comedy anyhow. It's America's
Funniest Home Videos done by juvenile delinquents, pretty much the
movie we would've made in my teenage years if we'd had camcorders.
There are a few let-downs. It's advertised as "the stuff we couldn't
show you on TV" but if you've seen the show there's not a lot of new
stuff really, just a few penis and poop shots that would've been
edited or pixilated on the TV show. And it's a little short, I
could've used another 15 minutes of chaos. But I laughed pretty much
beginning to end with at least a giggle and a few good guffaws. And
what the hell do you want in a comedy anyhow?

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