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It took us a week, but we finally got our review from Tease-O-Rama 2002 online:
I apologize to those of you who have dial-up connections, but the pages are kinda fat and take some time. Be patient, itís worth it.
I apologize to those of you who have small monitors, but the pages are kinda wide. Just scroll over, itís worth it.
I apologize to those of you too cheap or slack to get to San Fran, but thereís some burlesque coming to Atlanta at Echo Lounge in December. Heed the prophets.

Degenerate SW sent us this review:
Sounding like a fusion of The Doors, The Immortal Lee County Killers, The Strokes, The Stooges and a smidgen of Tool, the Von Bondies are a sonic blast of tough-talking rock and roll. This band from Detroit caught my attention while browsing a retro clothing store in San Francisco. Their CD "Lack of Communication" was playing and I instantly fell in love with the sound Ė not something that happens often. I asked the clerk who she was listening to and then promptly hit Amoeba Music and bought the album. I am not disappointed.
Unlike fellow Motor City band and oft-cited influence, The White Stripes,
The Von Bondies don't have a gimmick - they play straightforward garage rock.
(Oddly enough, their debut album was produced by Jack White and they were the opening act for The White Stripes European tour.) But this band possesses so much more substance than their over-hyped counterparts. For one, their lineup is a two-girl, two-guy foursome that share talent and mike-time. There's no showboating here. Secondly, they play bare-bones music without effects pedals or heavy production resulting in non-pop, stripped-down compositions and lyrics.
You're not likely to hear BV on mainstream radio, but that's not entirely a
Bad thing. If you like blues-tinged, sincere, gritty rock then definitely seek out this band.
The Von Bondies are currently touring throughout California, the Midwest,
Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Look for them in Atlanta on Oct. 25, Friday, at Echo Lounge.

ok, I have two questions:
1) Why on earth would anyone vote for a smurf?
2) Why on earth would anyone vote for someone dumb enough to do this to
In other news of the stupid:
Vietnamese guy who was lost at sea looks good after 4 months, thanks to
Eating seagulls and fish:
White trash idiot lost at sea for HALF that time looks like a skeleton:


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