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Degenerate GS went to Tallahassee for Creature Fest, celebrating
Creature from the Black Lagoon in the very place where it was filmed,
and wrote a quick review in her online journal:

Sheesh, put one stinkin' form on the web and suddenly we're swamped
with new subscribers! Let that be a lesson to fellow webheads out
there, add a contact form to your site! We just did it to cut down on
the spam and suddenly all sorts of folks are signing up for OUR spam.
Welcome, newbies! There's a special message just for you a couple of
paragraphs down.

Well, it finally happened - an update to the Degenerate Press home page!
More changes are coming, but for now the biggest addition is
degenerate RVI's Misery Breeds Art, a retrospective online magazine
of sorts packed full of his poetry, interviews, and art work!
Thanks to your tax dollars at play, there will be more improvements,
additions, modifications, renovations, and permutations coming soon!

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