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Got a response to last episode:
It is almost a Newtonian law that intemperate speech will prompt similar
reactions from opposite sides. If time permits, we should consider having a
civilized discussion off-line on the Blasphemy page of the Degenerate Press
message boards. Until then, let me state with glee that whether or not I
agree with Michael Moore's positions, it is refreshing to see those on the
right cringe as those of us who did not share their beliefs have done in the
last decade, deluged as we have been with the deranged ravings of Boortz,
Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Buchanan, Novak, ad nauseum.
Dgenerate JDP

And in other news, your soundtrack du jour must be Alice Cooper, as
much for the song as his golf-playing, Republican leanings:

I'm your top prime cut of meat, I'm your choice
I wanna be elected
I'm yankee dooldle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce
I wanna be elected
Kids want a savior and don't need a fake
I wanna be elected
We're all gonna rock to the rules that I make
I wanna be elected, elected, elected
Respected, elected

I never lied to you, I've always been cool
I wanna be elected
I gotta get the vote and I told you 'bout school
I wanna be elected, elected
Hallelujah, I wanna be selected
By everyone in the United States of America

We're gonna win this one, take the country by storm
We're gonna be elected
You and me together, young and strong
We're gonna be elected, elected
Respected, selected, call collected
I wanna be elected

Alice Cooper, Elected

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