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Due to recent pet illnesses, it looks like Degenerate Press staffers
will be staying home for New Year's Eve. So in the coming weeks we'll
be comparing and contrasting potential New Year's Eve events in
Atlanta in an effort to narrow down our recommendations.
Here's what's on the list so far:

Sean Costello at Blue Racoon in Marietta. While I love Sean, I've
already got the blues this month and no matter how electric the boy
can play, I prefer something more explosive for my New Year's.
Besides, it's OTP.

Star Bar has Romeo Cologne for "Happy Funkin' New Year." Always a fun
evening, but you can get him a couple of nights a week any week of
the year. And as much as I love her, SW ain't no dancing queen.

Rock*A*Teens, The Forty Fives, Shannon Wright at Echo Lounge. An
excellent lineup and a fine venue. R*A*T seem to play less often
these days, and The Forty Fives have energy to spare. High on the
possibility list.

The Rent Boys, Immortal Lee County Killers, The Close at the EARL.
Thus far, this has the highest probability of having what I require
in a New Year's Eve - spectacle, explosives, chaos, and drunken

Other suggestions out there?

Only in America:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- As Americans feasted on plates of
Thanksgiving turkey Thursday, U.S. scientists reported they have made
progress in understanding how eating less leads to longer life.
Studies in yeast, rodents and other organisms have found that
drastically cutting calories extends life span, and researchers are
striving to find out how that happens. The hope is that human drugs
may be developed to mimic that effect, without having to eat less.

Umm... how about just fucking eating less?

I forgot to drop this little news bomb we picked up at The Helgas
show a while back. I ran into Kevin Rej of 6X and he announced the
immanent demise of 6X, probably in December. Some lame-o excuse about
not being able to get everyone together at the same time to do new
material blah blah blah. So keep an eye on the Prophesy section,
rumor has it they'll be having a going out of business sale so you
can pick up 6X merch and music cheap.

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