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ok, so it's illogical for Santa to exist, vicar, but a man can walk on
water, turn water into wine, feed a whole village from one fish, cure
leprosy by touch, get nailed to a cross and die only to arise three days
later? And what's this I hear about parting the Red Sea? Creating the
Earth in seven days? But how long did he know what a "day" was
without the earth rotating to define "day"?
In other holiday-related news, I shouldn't laugh, but...

Caught the new Star Trek picture a few days back. Impressive effects,
as usual. Plot holes you could drive an Enterprise through, as usual.
A few funny lines and a surprise here and there, but not the best of
the series. Frankly, the plots are too close to ones they've used
before and for Trekkies that's a bad thing, since many of the fans
are rabid. A villain returning from the past with a connection to the
captain? Seen it. A character killed off then reborn anew? Seen it.
An internal coup on the side of the traditional enemies of the
Federation threatening galaxy-wide peace? Seen that too. And I'm not
even a hard core fan, never have been. Sure, they broke new ground
with each TV series, but the movies have a poor record.
On the other hand Two Towers is near perfect. There are only a few
spots where the effects aren't so special and a little more of a
distraction, but 99% of them are wonderful. Technical wizardry aside,
everything else is excellent. It's long, but a story of this breadth
needs to be long, so have your attention span at the ready. But don't
sweat, it wraps up with the expected all-out action and has enough
going on through most of the movie to keep you awake. They've also
done a good job getting the story across, despite the number of
characters and diverging plot lines. Definitely worth seeing!

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