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Friday there were several options for hipsters in search of fun
around town. We opted for half naked girls at The Chamber, hosting
The Doll Squad's third public appearance. It was obvious from the
start that The Chamber is not used to hosting live music, as the
ladies who sang their own songs were drowned out in a scream of
feedback time and time again, but technical issues aside they're
getting the confidence and stage presence they need to pull of a good
girlie show.
If you like beautiful girls in beautiful costumes, and out of
beautiful costumes, catch Dita Von Teese at The Chamber in January
(the 17th, I think), and keep your eyes glued to our Prophesy section
for more Doll Squad appearances.

In other news, Kenny Howes is moving to New Orleans. Last Friday was
probably his last appearance as an Atlantan, but he's likely to be on
the road a lot so you can catch him again soon if you're so inclined.

With a little more than a week remaining, and a holiday week at that,
the efforts continue in sifting through local New Year's Eve options:

Sean Costello at Blue Racoon in Marietta. While I love Sean, I've
already got the blues this month and no matter how electric the boy
can play, I prefer something more explosive for my New Year's.
Besides, it's OTP.

The lovely ladies of The Doll Squad are performing at Hard Rock Café.
But even gorgeous, half-naked women won't get me to go to a show at
the Hard Rock.

Mandorico plays The Riviera on P'tree, formerly Club Anytime. I don't
get to Midtown much these days and I ain't been to The Riviera yet so
there's a high degree of unknown there.

Star Bar has Romeo Cologne for "Happy Funkin' New Year." Always a fun
evening, but you can get him a couple of nights a week any week of
the year. And as much as I love her, SW ain't no dancing queen.

Kingisized at The Clermont Lounge. Amy Pike opens. If we hadn't done
the Clermont for Y2K-eve, this would top the list. But if it ain't my
own party, I'd rather avoid repeats for NYE.

Rock*A*Teens, The Forty Fives, Shannon Wright at Echo Lounge. An
excellent lineup and a fine venue. R*A*T seem to play less often
these days, and The Forty Fives have energy to spare. High on the
possibility list.

The Rent Boys, Immortal Lee County Killers, The Close at the EARL.
Thus far, this has the highest probability of having what I require
in a New Year's Eve - spectacle, explosives, chaos, and drunken
(Speaking of, Immortal Lee County Killers are headed to Europe next
year so all you Eurodegenerates check out their tour calendar at )

Obviously I'm avoiding mention of big-name, big-money events around
town. 1) they have their own advertising budget and don't need my
efforts, 2) I can't afford their shows even if I wanted to deal with
those types of crowds, which I don't.

We're getting down to the wire! Any other suggestions out there?

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