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We hit Echo Lounge last Friday and got a spot up front for Sonoramic
Commando, a collection of familiar faces to any Star Bar regular.
Chad Proctor's smooth fingers take lead guitar, but it's more subdued
than his rockabilly appearances. Instead, you get strong, harmonized
country up front, old school stuff with mostly original tunes with
mostly familiar style. Good stuff that keeps getting better.
Kelly Hogan followed, backed only by her usual guitarist doing her
usual set. The crowd was unusually loud and chatty through the whole
thing, including a few loud cell phone calls right in front of the
stage. For those of you that go to shows to chat and don't care what
And for the soundman who doesn't seem to notice, TURN IT UP.
Kelly's voice soars, as always, but I do miss a bigger backup band.
Alex, the booking agent for Echo, gave us the motivation we needed to
determine our New Year's Eve plans when he walked over and told us
tonight is the Rock*A*Teens' final show.
Fuck fuck fuck.
They've only done a show or two in the last year as it was, but I was
hoping that was just a lull before they charged back into it. What a
fuckin' drag. All good things must come to an end, I suppose, and New
Year's Eve is a damn fine time for change and transition. But still...

So the plan is to hit Echo Lounge (we already purchased tickets
online) and maybe try to slip up to the EARL for the Immortal Lee
County Killers as well, if they're timed such that it's possible. Or
we might just miss them entirely and save the extra $10 each.
Hopefully they'll be back in town again soon, whereas R*A*T has
apparently given up running the race.
So if you're at either East Atlanta location keep your eyes peeled for
Degenerate Press staffers, gussied up, liquored up, and running amok.


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