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We got a demo from Daikaiju, a surf band out of Huntsville, in the mail the other day. The zerox homemade CD cover had me worried, as did the somewhat goofy press kit, but the cheapness was all but forgotten when I popped the disc in - high speed high energy surf with good melodies and the occasional organ thrown in for spice. So if you're in the 'bama area check 'em out if you can. They're online at

We added several new pictures and made a few corrections to the Texas tale:
In other tales, we got this from degenerate BS:
Just got back from Amsterdam - hate to say it, but what they did on New
Years made your Dahlonega Fireworks Insanity look like a cap gun going off.
I mean, I served in the military, and this was the closest to a war-zone
I've ever been in. Imagine, if you will, thousands of people on the street,
all armed to the teeth with "biggie-sized" ordinance, and all launching and
shooting their stuff at will. And too bad for the tourists cowering in
fear - that just makes you a target. You keep your eye on one crazed
maniac, and there are three more coming up behind ya. Very insane. Toss in
the Euro changeover, which shut down ALL ATMs for 36 hours, and you had what
most folks thought was going to happen on Y2K.
All in all, a GREAT time to be doing Mushrooms!
Alas, not much in the way of live music over there, and the club scene was
like going to Backstreets (oh, boy), so we went to a lot of Brown Cafe's to
drink good beer cheaply (Guinness for about $1.00 a Pint!). If you've never
gone, you go to a coffeeshop to buy pot, you go to a Tea Cafe to get coffee
with no dope, and you go to a brown cafe to get beer. Mushrooms, you get at
a "SmartShop". As far as the prostitutes goes, window shopping with my wife
in the Red Light Area was fun, but we didn't "buy" anything! I will say, if
I was single, it would have been hard to say no. These aren't your Daddy's
Crack Whores! All were very easy on the eyes - you know, hotties.
One tip, though... If you see a lavender light in the window, well, that
supposedly means that they have a little surprise in those panties, so buyer
beware! ;-)
But the best part of the trip, was how tolerant the locals are. No hangups
about morality, or religion, or whatever (Well, maybe some of them don't
like the Germans too much, but as long as you haven't invaded them in the
past 60 or so years, you're pretty much welcomed by all. A lot of folks in
the states say that they "live and let live", and then they judge you
because you don't a fish or a flag on your car. The Dutch people really do
live by that ideal. The rest of the planet can learn much from these
people. (Mind ya a couple of live music halls couldn't hurt!)
Degenerate BS

Editor's Response: well goddamn, wish I could've afforded the trip. From what I saw on my travels in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, the northern Europeans don't have as much of an interest in live music as we degenerate Americans. In Copenhagen I was subjected to a cover band doing nothing but Skynrd and Def Leppard covers - weird. But thanks for the tale, definitely something to consider for next New Year's!

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