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No, it's not some weird pee-fetish site, you pervert, it's the illustrated annotated version of our Miami trip:
It may take a few minutes to load for you dial-up folks ‘cause I stuck a BUNCH of pictures in there but I’m tired of breaking things down and shrinking pictures for those of us out there still using modems. One of these days I’m gonna have to get DSL...
Speaking of, degenerate JS sent us this:
“Glad you had a good time in Miami. I went there @ 5 years ago and hated it.
Of course, the fellow that was our tour guide wanted to just show us the
South Beach sites and the like and I already feel ugly enough in Atlanta
without being cast in the middle of a Cosmo shoot. I assumed there were some
cool spots around but I never saw 'em. Plus, I heard from a few folks that
live/lived down there that there is virtually NO live music scene. Maybe
that's changed now.”
In response, as far as I can tell the live music scene there is still pretty dead compared to Atlanta. Folks would rather be shakin’ their thangs to two turntables, a trend that is slowly bleeding Atlanta’s music scene dry.

Figuring we’d save a couple bucks, and be closer to home, we skipped other shows in town and headed to Northside Tavern on Saturday for Mudcat. But with a cover of $7 we didn’t save a heck of a lot, though their drinks are still a hair cheaper than many bars in town. With this pricing you get a bit more upscale of a crowd than you’d expect at Northside too – lots of folks from OTP who looked like they’d fit better in Buckhead (or Midtown these days…) But when the band started up all pretensions and snobbery were washed away and everyone hopped and bopped to the upbeat blues party that Mudcat creates, turning the white collar crowd into the blues collar crowd. I hadn’t seen them since before they ran off to Europe last fall and they’ve got a bushel of new tunes, all done with gusto, a big smile and even bigger talent.
In other news, applications are being taken for the local slots in Music Midtown 2002:

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