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Longtime subscribers may recall countless reviews of Elvis birth and death day celebrations at the Star Bar. Last night the birthday of the King featured the return of Kingsized to the stage, a rare occurrence these days. The house wasn’t packed, probably due as much to the Sunday night event as the $10 cover, but a good sized crowd showed up in time to catch the 10 PM sharp fanfare as Mike took the stage and belted out the usual set of Elvis and more. This year’s show lacked the backup singers of previous years but the sound suffered only a little and the lack of rehearsal generated only a few hiccups, hardly noticeable when Mike’s big voice fills the room and the horn section backs up the charge. The girls in front swooned, even without being handed a sweaty scarf.
Now that Atlanta is enforcing the silly no-booze-after-midnight-on-Sunday law, the show wrapped comparatively early just after the clock struck 12. Some were thankful, as they have jobs to attend the morning after, but us unemployed slackers could’ve used another hour or three.
In other news, a couple of days ago I flicked on the news only to find the Grammy nominee announcements being broadcast so I had to head up the dial towards Fox to find actual news. Between Headline News and Fox is CNBC and for a moment there I thought CNBC had developed a sense of humor. Pink Floyd's Money was playing while the stock ticker streamed past at the bottom, "Money... is the root of all evil today" came the music while a still picture of Pink Floyd stood over the numbers trailing by below. Then I realized it was an ad for their greatest hits CD as the commercial continued on to the next song, but for a moment there it was enjoyable irony.

The revues are in and our latest travel tale is a hit:
“I enjoyed reading about your trip. It was surprising to hear what New
Year's in Mexico turned out to be. But like you said you never know until
you go.”
Degenerate LS
“Honestly, that was the best travelogue I've EVER read. From anyone. Really.”
Degenerate ES
In case you missed it, here’s the link again:
In case you want more, stay tuned. We’re working on a MASSIVE travel project that will be broadcast to subscribers soon, we just gotta scan a few hundred pictures.

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