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Congress is working on passing campaign finance reform bills and the prez says he'll sign it "if it makes the system better." All of this is possible due to recent scandals you may have heard about with regards to Enron. The problem is the type of legislation they're passing would not have made one bit of difference in the Enron situation - it's a different kind of donation (read "influence") they're "regulating." Why? Well, I could go into the complicated legalese that would only serve to confuse and overwhelm you in details without telling you the actual *reason*. But let's face it, we all know the real reason nothing will be done to stop corruption in our political system - the very men who have to "make the system better" are the very ones who got into power, and maintain it, using this system. The only way it can get "better" for those in power is by passing laws that will make no real difference, yet fooling the voting public into thinking something is being done.
Speaking of nothing being done, instead of signing the Kyoto treaty on greenhouse emissions the president is recommending businesses voluntarily monitor and improve their own pollution. Hey, I got an even better idea, why not put Arthur Andersen in charge of monitoring them? At least then the folks in government would get yet another fat paycheck to look the other way…

We got a few responses in our call for a new dive bar:
Saw your note about trying to find a cool and not-overpriced bar. I hear
ya - I went to shoot some pool with some friends at Dupree's in Midtown
Promenade, and could not believe I was paying $4.25 for a Sam Adams! (Why
do they consider Sam Adams an Import? Did Boston form its own country or
something? Geez...)
Anyway, after a few of the pricey beers, we decided to head to East Atlanta
in search of better beer prices. Which is when we stumbled into The Village
Pub on Flat Shoals Road. Now, I should warn you buffed and polished white
folks - this is a Old School Funk bar. You will look like the creamy center
of an Oreo. But if your mind is open enough to deal with that, you will
find some of the friendliest folks working in any Bar in town. And when they
charge a whopping $2.50 for a bottle of beer, you'll start to feel all warm
and fuzzy as well. (Oh, and they have pretty decent soul food as well - the
rib tips are quite tasty...)
They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but for the rest of the week, I
think, it will fit the bill as your Dive-Bar. Give them a try - just off
the intersection of Flat Shoals Road and Glenwood. Across from the Flat
Iron, and next to the Roti Restaurant. Say hi to G.G., Walt, Judy, Doretha
and Shay. They will all say "hi" back. Nice folks - much nicer than the
snobs over at the Gravity Pub!
They also have an open mike night on Wednesdays - open to ANYONE...
Hope this helps...
degenerate BS

Do you ever make it to Fuzzys? I love that place, and I think you would
also. Great food Great music small... great sound and cheap. Some of my
friends play their from time to time. I am sure you have been their, but
if your looking for a great live music joint for cheap... that's the place.
degenerate MK

A few more reviews of Ancient Rome, The Italian Renaissance, and Postmodern Love have trickled in and thus far I'm the baddest gladiator in the Colosseo! If you haven't yet, please check it out:
The Electric Degeneration archiving effort continues. We've gotten everything but 1999 online so if you're looking for a review of your band or trying to remember some debate you got into back in '97 head over to the catacombs:
There's a handy dandy search feature so you don't have to read the whole mess, unless you're just a masochist...

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