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As has often been the case throughout the history of the printed word, I think the political cartoons like Doonesbury tell the story far better than the news:
Meanwhile, I officially declare it spring. Yeah, yeah, the “first day of spring” isn’t for a while yet and it’s still chilly out but for some reason today did it for me – something to do with the combination of temperature, position of the sun, chirping of birds, I can’t really say exactly what it is but I know it when I feel it. Soon the sweaters come off, the hem lines come up and your editor comes off the rails with hormonal glee! Fortunately I don’t have a job so I can wander out and enjoy it! Unfortunately I don’t have a job so I can’t plan any of the trips I’d usually take about now!
Eh, could be worse – it could be * winter *.

“Benjamin Smoke” has been showing sporadically on The Sundance Channel. Check their web site for the next appearance.

Degenerate JH has, somewhat incestuously, taken up space in the Loaf with a column about beer, thinly disguised as a column about local drinking establishments.

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