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Ah, the true Atlanta winter finally visits for a few days - 34 degrees and raining like hell. This is the kind of crap that makes me want to move south for the winter, if not the spring and summer too...
In other news, degenerate DM was involved in some kind of mishap at Chattacon a couple of weeks ago, resulting in a broken leg and a week of brain lock with no memory of how she earned such injuries. But she's back on her feet, or at least FOOT, and home again so head over to her site and wish her well:

We got this from degenerate RB:
As far as this Enron crap goes, I was looking into it as a part of the old
"investment strategy". It didn't pass the smell test. I thought of it as
one of those dot coms that couldn't wuite put it's finger on what they
actually delivered to a customer. That's the bottom line of it all, if you
can't point to what Mr Smith will be recieving in goods or services, then
don't invest.
As far as all the Enron retirees that got hosed: Yes, your company lied to
you. But it is incredibly foolish to invest more than a miniscule amount of
your hard-earned 401K fund in a single stock.

Followed by this from degenerate RVI:
Not being in a wordy mood of late, I can sum up my own beliefs concerning
the Enron and other bankruptcies as follows: Our culture is so lacking in
subtlety and so committed to black & white fundamentalst-style thinking that
no one seems capable of proposing that there ought to be a limit to free
markets. It is possible to temper free markets with socialist-style
interventions at crucial moments when free markets tend to become socially
irresponsible, and only at those moments -- as in this case, where the
executives of Enron cashed in using privileged information while everyone
else, including those whose retirement programs were tied up in stock, came
up empty handed. So, why couldn't we freeze all the money, no matter who
cashed it in, and split it equitably? The answer: solely because capitalist
materialism is horrified at the application of moral principles to itself.
Everything is supposed to serve the good of the market -- no one is ever
supposed to ask the market to make concessions - even in emergencies - and
serve the very nation that keeps it in existence. All the sacrifices are
supposed to run in one direction. Why? Economic dogmatism. This simply
strikes me as needless, and fears that a more tempered capitalism will
result in less "freedom" are uncalled for - this isn't a Marxist revolution
I'm proposing.

And this from degenerate SH:
Monday again. Damn. I was reading your missive on corruption yesterday and
reminded of an old quote, attribute forgotten.
Q: What's the definition of an honest politician?
A: One that stays bought.

Degenerate DN asked about Just Foolin', the Live Action Joke Playing Game we created some 8 years ago and released on the poor LARP community at DragOn Con. When we poked around we found we still had the thing. Since we've got spare time around here we dusted it off converted the whole mess to web format so now the joke can spread worldwide! (It ain’t like we were doing anything with it lately…) If you're interested check it out:
A minute to learn, a lifetime of laughter.

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