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Degenerate SK sent us this report:
You should have come to the show at Lenny's Friday night. Larry Turner & the
SuperSinners rocked the house! The prolific songwriting Rev was backed up by
former Killer guitarist Brian Bonner (minus a vice or two) and ex-Fabulous
Lounge Punks Mike McNutt and Chuck Brank on drums and bass. They played some
familiar Moonshine Killers songs plus lots of new material. Your past (not
online) commentary that the Killers couldn't "quite get it together" is
completely blown. I've thrown all of my own previous
explanations/disclaimers/apologies in the trash. Come see for yourself next
I'm sure Scooter is just as tired as Lara is of hearing about how much you
miss 17 Years (I do). See the Helgas and Nowhere Squares at 9 Lives this
Friday Mar 29. Maybe things will be better this time...I can't tell if
Suzanne is a help since I couldn't hear a WORD of her lyrics Feb 28th.
Thursday Apr 4: 10 High/DorkHouseDungeon/whatever...Young Antiques and the
Indicators. The Indicators have added a whole new dimension with the addition
of second guitarist/vocalist Ken Morton (ex-Wonderlust). Did you last see
them before they replaced 2 members over a year ago? If so your old review is
truly irrelevant.

Danny “Mudcat” Dudek sent out this news:
As many of you no doubt know now, our beloved friend and patriarch, Frank
Edwards passed away Friday, March 22nd of congestive heart failure. He was
93. He passed quickly and painlessly just hours after a successful recording
session where he cut his new compositions. Frank played several incredible
concerts in the past few weeks ... showing invigorated power (and happiness).
Jim Ransome has posted a beautiful site for Mr. Frank:
His funeral service will be Saturday, March 30, 11am at the Donald Trimble
Mortuary located at 1876 2nd Ave, in Decatur. 404.371.0772
your friend, Mudcat
Mudcat also says they’re going to do some concerts to raise money for the funeral. Contact Northside Tavern for details.
In other deaths, both Milton Berle and Dudley Moore passed away this week.
And if you're keeping score thus far it's one confirmed kill, one unconfirmed, and one injured on the war against the squirrels. They're fast little buggers and I ain't that great a shot, but I haven't been woken up at 5:30 AM to the sound of chewing in a while, probably due more to the change of season than my assassination attempts.
"It's a 'Mr. Death' or something. He's come about the reaping? I don't think we need any at the moment."
from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
In other news, this weekend the DP staff will be running amok at Fantasm, partying with perverts and having fun with freaks for three days straight. Fortunately we've got guest status due to our efforts to aid the event so it won't cost us an arm and a leg, as some cons have cost some fans (degenerate DM, I'm looking at you...) and with the digital camera I can afford to take pictures all weekend and not worry about the processing costs, so stay tuned for a full color report next week.
In other news, we may have big news next episode so stay tuned!

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