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Lenny's, formerly Dottie's, has changed booking agents back to Jack of Pink Torpedo Productions and things are as slack as ever. We didn't find out about the big Johnny Cash tribute show this past Saturday until we'd already sent out the mid-week ezine, and we only found out then by reading about it in the Loaf. But by all reports the show was a smash, with our roving reporters saying they hadn't seen Lenny's that crowded ever. If anyone has a detailed report from that or any other show send it in!
Speaking of the Loaf, degenerate JH has a report in this week's issue on Jackson Mississippi that should sound familiar to readers of our own ezine, but, as usual, the Loafing doesn't have room to do the article justice and lacks pictures entirely. So if you're going to Jackson (gonna mess around) or any other points abroad hit our travel site for lengthy, illustrated stories and helpful links:
In other news, Kenny Howes' new band is now called "The New Kenny Howes Quartet." They're playing March 7, Thursday, at Echo Lounge with What The...? and Charm School.
And in long awaited news, Katy Graves, of Catfight! fame, "labored for 15 hours to give birth to Atlanta's newest rock star, Nicholas William Christian, on Saturday, February 23. He weighed in at a little over 7lbs, and it is rumored that his first cries sounded reminiscent of "Shout at the Devil". Mom, Dad and Baby are all doing fine." Thanks to degenerate JK for that report!

"There is an entire dumpster full of Lion and Tiger shit left over from Ringling Brothers at the loading docks under the CNN Center. Come help yourself. Put a little in the corners of the attic, squirrels will go away."
Degenerate SHC

Uh... thanks for the suggestion, I guess. But I think we'll stick to killing the fuckers. Anyone know where I can get a BB gun without having to drive OTP?
We also got this response to last episode:
Marriage just totally baffles me. Why would I want a church I don't believe
in and the government I don't trust involved in my relationship? I am
totally committed to my relationship and getting married would not improve
it one bit. I'm not afraid of committment, in fact we are getting ready to
buy a house together. We know who owns what and are perfectly happy without
outside intervention.
What exactly is this getting married supposed to be about? I don't want my
mate to stay because they can't afford the legal fees to leave. I want him
to stay because he really wants to be here.
I don't wish any ill will on those who are getting married but I sure as
heck don't get it.
Degenerate LS

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