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We got this last week from degenerate DS and forgot to post it:
Squirrel Blues (by anonymous) (not me) (really)

I got squirrels on my rooftop
Got rodents in the rafters
Chewin' up everything in sight
Destructive little bastards

They climbin' up my chimney
Chompin' holes right through my walls
I'll say one thing about 'em
those furry muthas got balls

I've tried settin' all kinds of traps
'Cause I'd prefer to be humane
They just think they're at Walt Disney World
Now they're drivin' me insane

They wakin' me up in the middle of the night
'Cause they think my insulation taste fine
I wonder if they'd like dessert with that
in the form of a live 220 voltage line...

Now I'm loadin' me up a pellet gun
And I can hear their little voices
Those home destructin' glorified rats
Have left me no other choices!

The Star Bar has a new URL and web site:
Thus far it's appropriately minimal but it does have a good calendar for their shows.

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