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Tuesday was a bit too chilly to really enjoy the drive in, but I went anyway for Jason X, the 10th installment in the Friday the 13th movies. This one is basically a poor remake of the film Aliens, with Jason in the role of the Alien and a hot chick in the role of the android. Add in a few holodeck scenes from Star Trek New Generation and you've got one crappy film with only one or two good jokes or surprises and zero horror. But I expected nothing more.
I've had a bunch of job leads and even an interview this week, so if I'm not careful I may end up working for a living again soon. So if there are any other full-time slackers out there interested in seeing
Star Wars Friday afternoon while everyone else goes to work email me

The left/right rhetoric keeps pouring in:

Ummm ... there are plenty of us who WOULD call Tom Murphy and Roy
Barnes "evil conservatives" :-)
Degenerate AG

And a long, hard one from degenerate JDP:

>>>>>>>There's no need for me to rub your nose in
it, JDP... the
>>>>>>>facts speak for themselves.

Bolzhemoi! Some human skulls seem to be formed from
pure iridium
possibly as a result of being struck in the head by meteorites. That
Degenerate PK would think that being opposed to materialism as a basis of government somehow makes one "liberal", and that a "liberal" would defend the actions of hypocrites, left, right, or otherwise, shows how warped the small spludge of protoplasm inside his iridium skull has become. "Roy Barnes says he's a Democrat, and all Democrats are Liberals, therefore all Liberals must be getting blow jobs from Roy Barnes." Perhaps he should change his name to Degenerate Gollum. "Oh, my Precious Conservative Agenda! Does that evil Liberal BAGGINS have you?" Perhaps one day PK will understand that when one becomes obsessed with the enemy (as he seems to be) that one can easily become the enemy, and that crossing the fence that divides idealism and ideology begins with asking one's self whether or not you could be wrong.
And speaking of the quality of the Georgia Legislature, it was not long ago that they passed a resolution naming Grits an official state symbol. I did not hear whether or not Governor Barnes signed it, or whether the grits were buttered.
Out of curiosity, if all of your facts are correct, and so blatantly obvious, why have not the feds indicted the entire Murphy conspiracy?
Perhaps you should be sending your facts to the Federal District Attorney and the Media (Oh, yeah, I forgot that they're all "Liberals"). If you are correct, these offenses would appear, ostensibly, to be prosecutable.
On a related note, here is a solicitation I received through e-mail not long ago. You may judge for yourself as to the character (or mental stability) of the sender, who is not a "Liberal". I edited out the donation links because I'm by PKs broad definition I am a "Liberal" and if you want to give money to this moron you can do the leg-work yourself.


I'll get right to the point -- I'm under attack by the radical Left, and I need your help NOW!
If YOU don't help now, I can't count on
anyone else to help . . . and the forces of the radical Left will
I'm Congressman Bob Barr, the conservative fighter who vowed to
make a powerful difference by fighting for what's right . . .
matter where the battle takes me!
The battle took me to the Oval Office, where I showed Bill Clinton to be a LIAR, a CHEATER and a moral MISFIT, who should be impeached. The battle took me to the headquarters of the Gun Control groups,
where that FANATIC FRINGE was determined to tear up the Second
Amendment to the Constitution. The battle was joined at the abortion clinics where I said with a
clear, bold, and conservative voice that partial-birth abortion is an
We've reached a defining moment in American history. This is no time to dance around the issues and sidestep controversy. Rather, it's
time to draw on our conservative roots, throw down the gauntlet,
summon our courage, and fight for bold, sweeping change. During my
eight years in Congress, I've been inspired by the faithful prayers,
fighting spirit and unfailing generosity of conservative champions
from across America. Election Day is coming up, and I've been down
this road before. I'm under no illusions that winning will be easy.
I've learned from hard experience that the Clintons, Kennedys,
Daschles, and Gephardts hate me enough to do anything!
Conservative columnists and talk show hosts called me the bravest national conservative leader America has. The liberal media likened
my hard-charging style to that of a Mack Truck. I accept their comments as a compliment!
Perhaps I'd evoke less
hostility if I stayed low, didn't stick my neck out, took a low-key,
wait-and-see attitude and avoided controversy at all costs.
But I
wouldn't get anything done! Results are what matter, and wherever
there is a constitutional issue at stake or a conservative cause that
needs a champion, you can bet I'LL BE THERE!
I don't need a parade of poll-driven political operatives to tell me what to do . . .. . I'm not Bill Clinton. I certainly don't need a New Age fashion consultant telling me what
to wear or how to part my hair . . .. . I'm not Al Gore. I don't need a small army of handlers to tell me when to act angry,
furrow my brow and pound the podium . . .. . I'm not Dick Gephardt. And I sure don't need a bunch of think-tank intellectuals instructing
me where I should stand on the issues that truly matter and never
change . . .. . I'm not Tom Daschle.
I'm Bob Barr, an unwavering, unflinching conservative who seeks God's guidance, trusts the Constitution and has high hopes that one man who
fights hard and stays true to his convictions WILL make a difference.
My loud, clear and outspoken conservative views about . . . . . Bill Clinton's failings, Tom Daschle's obstructionism, Al Gore's incoherence, and Dick Gephardt's demagoguery . . . . . Have made the liberal powerhouses MAD! * My pro-life views have angered the feminists. * My pro-Second Amendment views enrage the gun control fanatics. * My pro-right-to-work views have Big Labor seething!
Yes, I've made enemies. It's the price I've paid for staying true to my conservative values and fighting for sweeping conservative change.
With revenge in their hearts, left-wing groups have joined forces
with rich DC-types to plot my demise.
They'll twist the facts and
manhandle the truth. Their motives are sinister and their tactics are
notorious. They engage in shady practices and dirty tricks. They've
already left their mark by letting loose with a torrent of
mudslinging, personal attacks, sleaze, slime and slurs to undercut my
When they all join forces, they pack a powerful punch.
Somehow, against their smokescreen of seething, withering hate-filled
lies, the truth must be told.
I'll need many contributions of $20,
$25, $35, $50, $100, $250 and even contributions of $500 and $1000,
to fight these forces of the radical Left.
Will you help me now?
Will you agree with me that liberalism eats away our hope, wipes away
our wealth, and sows the seeds of failure?
Fired with new purpose,
will you hold fast to your core conservative convictions, come to my
rescue and help me win re-election in November?
Won't you take a
stand now in defense of the sanctity of unborn life, the bedrock
wisdom of our Constitution, and the majesty of free enterprise?
Right now, I'm in the teeth of the liberal pit bull. I'm their top
national target. They've carved and pasted a redistricting map
designed to defeat me. Most likely, my Democratic opponent will be
rich and well-funded.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Bill Clinton
himself do a million-dollar fundraiser for my opponent.
Please be generous -- make your largest contribution possible, but at least $30 or $35, and act fast. There's no time to lose.
With your
kind, prompt and generous help . . .. . I KNOW I'LL WIN!
And when I
do . . .I'll keep fighting as hard as I know how . . .For the America
we love, and the values we share.
Your friend, BOB BARR Congressman
P.S. I need your help NOW. This is the challenge history has given us. Working together, we conservatives will answer the challenge.
With America's future at stake, you can count on me. I know I can
count on you, too. My future lies right where it belongs: in YOUR
capable conservative hands.
If YOU don't help now, I can't count on
anyone else to help . . . and the forces of the radical Left will win.
paid for by Bob Barr for Congress

degenerate JDP

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